Monthly Archives: December 2007

My Couch Theatre

By | December 16, 2007

After last weekends dismal movie showing I lined up what I thought would be three great shows. Lions For LambsI started off with Lions for Lambs, and I have to admit I am a Tom Cruise fan. Every movie he is in I get excited about. Valkerye is slated for a 2008 release and I… Read More »

My Mother Canucks

By | December 13, 2007

On Monday evening there was a surprise in store for me. The week before How I Met Your Mother was a repeat and I assumed there would be no new episodes until the WGA strike was resolved. How wrong I was. Not only was there a new episode, it was hilarious and I learned something… Read More »

My Zootopia Station

By | December 12, 2007

I think there is a pretty evident parallel here. When I worked nights I was getting less sleep and more active on seagurs. I am now back on a regular sleep schedule and my posting frequency drops! A team of parka clad researchers are heading to the North Pole to investigate this relation further. I… Read More »

My Night Conclusion

By | December 6, 2007

All night long you’re thinking: Am I asleep? Have I slept? This concludes the social-work experiment of how I react when I work night shifts. Six days of sleeping in the afternoon, breakfast at 10AM and 4PM are coming to an end. One day I even had a beer at four in the afternoon, which… Read More »

My Network Formula

By | December 3, 2007

Beds equal sleepI am not sure how many days I am into my night shifts, three? Maybe four. They are improving though. They are not getting worse so I guess they are getting better. I had a nap that was longer than my actual sleep, so does that mean I only napped? Or did I… Read More »