Monthly Archives: July 2010

My Technology Crutch

By | July 31, 2010

I love my iPhone. For 25 months I have had that mobile device with me. It follows me everywhere and is an extension of my life. I have become increasingly dependent on it, and it wasn’t until that I no longer had the iPhone on me when I realized how much of my life revolved… Read More »

My Master Glass

By | July 28, 2010

Last weekend I rented a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II USM lens for, what turned out to be, a busy weekend. My original purpose was to use the lens at the World Wide Photo Walk (), but there was also time spent at Taste of Edmonton, a road trip to Millet, a family… Read More »

My Ivory Ears

By | July 21, 2010

I had a special moment last week. It was one of those musical awakenings where you instantly loved something and were completely blown away by it. You were suddenly pushed into a world of sound that you loved but did not know existed. Over the last year I have noticed my musical preferences change. I… Read More »

My Dream Is Reality

By | July 16, 2010

Your mind is the scene of the crime. This was my first midnight screening and I’m surprised it took me this long to see one. I have been anticipating Inception for so long it feels like this movie was always in development but the last year was building up to 12:05AM Friday morning. I will… Read More »

My Failed Challenge Attempt

By | July 3, 2010

I was unable to complete the second annual Tube Steak Challenge for 2009-2010. At the count of 45.5 my quest to repeat the Tube Steak Challenge comes to a depressing end. Looking back on the year I think there were some highs, but it was a hot dog season filled with lows. Not going out… Read More »