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By | January 24, 2006

Last night I finished off The Last Juror from John Grisham. It was an enjoyable read. The book starts out quickly but with several hundred pages to go I was left wondering “What else is going to happen?”

The book wore on closer to the end, unlike classic Grisham, but it was merely the calm before the storm as the book redeemed itself to be an enjoyable read in a great climax. Rather than the traditional lawyer point of view, this book offered a different take and continued with telling about the lives in small towns (similar to A Painted House) with a taste of 1970″s law.

I picked up The Partner from Grisham and Survivor from Palahniuk from Chapters yesterday as well. I will finish off my Grisham to read list before going back to Palahniuk for a dose of the unusual and twisted.

Last Juror The Broker

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