My Return to the Orchard

By | October 10, 2013

A few months ago I shared my thoughts on the BlackBerry Z10 and now look like a fool since I am eating my words a few months later.

BlackBerry may never be able to compete with behemoths like Samsung as they push for larger displays and bells and whistles, but for a functional device that keeps me connected to home and work the BlackBerry fits the bill and I hope others see that too.

BlackBerry LogoBlackBerry proved me wrong with a larger screen device in the Z10. However, my affair with BlackBerry has come to an end. My Z10 has been sold and I back in the familiar embrace of Apple using a new 5S. I left Apple a few years ago in my transition from Rogers to Wind, it was under good terms and would have used the iPhone on Wind had it been compatible. It wasn’t, so thus began my handset journey from Android to BlackBerry.

I was never disappointed with the Z10. The construction of the handset was still impressive months later. The phone never let me down but I started wanting more from it. The lack of apps did start to become tiresome, especially when I read about new and exciting apps released for other devices. The promise of OS 10.2, which would have brought some necessary improvements, always felt like it was just around the corner and I grew weary.

I read an analogy that described BlackBerry was a well built house with amazing security but set in an empty neighbourhood with no streets or amenities. Apple and Android are nice houses but they are in a thriving community where everything is in walking distance. I thought I could survive in an empty community but it is a larger draw than I suspected. I may never buy a piece of hardware to function with my phone, but not being allowed to make that choice because BlackBerry wasn’t supported was restricting. On top of that, the downward spiral of the company financially all compounded in me to consider changing devices.

iPhone 5S Line UpMy options were the new Nexus Google handset or the just announced iPhone. I decided to go with the iPhone because I like the walled garden Apple has with iTunes. I have other iPod’s at home, our computers are all Apple’s, the iPhone fits and I comfortable with giving up the ability to customize and tweak the iPhone the way I could with an Android. Another factor was battery performance, and sacrificing screen size for this is fine with me.

As for staying connected to work, there is a strong push for a ‘bring your own device’ at the office and new software (transitioning from Good For Enterprise to MaaS360) is being rolled out that will improve upon what the company had previously, so this should satisfy my urge to check work email away from the office. The frequency at which I have been changing phones is alarming but I am hoping I can stay with the 5S for more than a year, and being in the honeymoon phase right now I feel that anything is possible.

2 thoughts on “My Return to the Orchard

  1. Gordon

    I’ve enjoyed following your phone drama. While I’m sort of surprised to see you go back to Apple, I can understand it. My own recent frustrations with Google are making me consider a big change as well. However I’m of the mind to leave the community. The community seems like a good idea, until you realize that the police and the HOA are all assholes forcing new rules on you, and telling you that you have to share.

    Google’s nanny-state restrictions on volume and memory size are catered to the lowest common denominator, and to avoid lawsuits. Not to mention the heavy hand they’re using to force social. I was so offended this morning when it asked me if I wanted to “share my commute with my G+ followers” that I almost threw my phone.

    I would consider an Apple device, now that the unlocked 5S is compatible with Wind. However I’m not willing to drink the full Apple kool-aid, which means that I’d probably have a bad experience.

    So what I’m actually considering, is waiting for all those Z10’s and Q10’s in Blackberry’s storage sheds, to drop in price. If I can pick one up for $200, I might just start throwing my SIM card in there and walking away from a community I no longer get along with.

  2. Sean Post author

    My phone drama is also a sign of me being distracted by shiny things and thinking the grass is greener on the other side. If I was truly adventurous I would use a Windows phone before going back to familiar waters, but a week in with the iPhone and I’m happy as a clam. I enjoy the Kool-aid and find iOS7 all kinds of pretty (even if there are features borrowed heavily from other systems).

    When I saw your “share your commute” tweet this morning I wondered how furious you were going to be. The BlackBerry could just be the right choice for you. And you’re right, there is a bit of stock laying around so I imagine the contract free prices of them would decrease significantly in the near future.

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