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My Gallery2 Thumbnail Problem

By | December 16, 2009

When I changed hosting plans with GoDaddy I encountered a few problems with Gallery2. All of the configuration was correct, but when I uploaded a new image the square thumbnail would not appear. I deactivated the Square Thumbnail plugin from Site Admin > Gallery > Plugins, and reactivated it but there was no change. I… Read More »

My Posts Returned

By | August 13, 2009

In March my Project 365 photos, custom images and blog posts were eaten by 1and1. It took several weeks to go through the grieving process. I still find the missing images on my three years of Project 365 a sore spot, but eventually I came to terms that my blog posts would be gone but… Read More »

My Downtown Time

By | May 5, 2006

It was brief, but if you were quick you caught it. seagurs was offline for about an hour yesterday afternoon. There was an ominous message about the account being suspended and that I needed to contact billing immediately. Of course my first reaction was that a bill was not paid, but with it being deducted… Read More »

My Sidebar Problem

By | January 25, 2006

Some may have noticed my sidebar getting a little weird by putting my Flickr pictures further down on the column. This only occurs in Internet Explorer, but goes away in Firefox. This wasn’t always the case as IE used to handle this. I am going to work on sidebar.php today, revert back to the original… Read More »