My Personal Best

By | January 25, 2006

I started a new game of license plate alphabet on Tuesday. And I finished it six hours later! In a blistering pace I went through the whole alphabet and problem letters such as “I”, “O” and “Q” were dealt with in a swift fashion.

I have to thank a Nebraska couple driving an Outback for assisting me with the “O” and “Q”. I was driving into Sherwood Park off of the Whitemud when I saw an “OWQ-463” plate ahead of me in the distance. I was on “O” and would do anything to get it out of the way. I sped up to double-check that it was my targeted letter.

I claimed my letter just as they pulled off on the second exit. I realized I should have followed them until I found a “P” and then easily claim the “Q” but I was having such a brilliant game that I felt like I had luck on my side.

Once into Sherwood Park I stopped at Tim Hortons to get a coffee for Jenna and myself. On my way out I found a plate that had “P” on it. No problem, I’m at “Q”, if only I could find that Nebraska plate again. Then it happened. A few hundred feet ahead of me I saw a familiar Outback pull out of the Sobey’s parking lot and onto Cloverbar Road.

This was my chance, I had to catch up! I sped through the parking lot, and after a rolling stop to get onto Cloverbar I ignored all speed limits and did 100km/h to catch up and claim my “Q”. We were both at a stop light when I had to bust out my camera and document this amazing occasion.

An hour later and on our way back from Fort Saskatchewan, I had run the gamut of the alphabet. Thanks Americans, you made my week.

“and’it’s Wednesday, so you know what that means!


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