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By | March 29, 2008

Canucks: Definition Choke

Let’s start with a little word association: choke. Do you think of the medical definition? The Chuck Palahniuk book? If you are a Vancouver fan you think of the Canucks 4-0 loss to Minnesota on Friday.

We have dropped four straight since that amazing victory over Edmonton last week, our number one player has gone home to be with his very pregnant wife and the injuries continue to mount on the forward and defensive line.

Canucks - Minnesota Fight

Like most Canucks fans I am hoping Luongo returns to the team soon, but also resent the fact that a six and a half million dollar salary does not ensure pregnancy is a little more planned out. If Vancouver does miss the playoffs by a single point then this will be seen as a pivotal reason why.

Canucks: Standings

Luongo has played nearly seventy games, and started twenty six straight but when his team needed him in a very tight battle for a playoff birth he is away. In a weeks time everything will be over and we will either be analyzing what went wrong or preparing for the post season.

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