My New Burger

By | March 24, 2008

RibWichThe stars have aligned and something magical has happened, the McRib has returned and is in Canada!

Readers will know that I was tormented with the Reunion Tour several years ago, but this time it is really in Canada. Not only has a co-worker had one, the McRib’s Wikipedia has been updated and lists Edmonton as a confirmed location. Every McDonald’s I have driven by has had me rubber necking to look for some McRib confirmation and every one promoted it on their sign.

In Canada, it is available for a limited time starting March 17, 2008 confirmed in Vancouver, BC, Edmonton, AB, Calgary, AB, Winnipeg, MB, Toronto, ON, London, ON, Ottawa, ON, Montreal, QC, and Halifax, NS.

The McRib is with you!

In a form of twisted fate and a way to build excitement, Global aired the Simpson’s Ribwich episode Saturday afternoon, only to further solidify my love for this burger. I wanted to try the McRib as early as Thursday but a hockey game, work and other family dinners held me back. Then on Sunday Dad said he had no less than five McRib’s in the last week, tormenting with tales of their sauce and deliciousness.

McDonald?s McRib McDonald?s McRib McDonald?s McRib McDonald?s McRib

Monday afternoon the time had come and I was able to to go through time and relive over a decade of hype, mystery and magic with two McRib’s all to myself. It was amazing and everything I had remembered. There was no lettuce to complicate the formula, just pickles, onions and meat. Several people walked by and asked if I was eating the mythical burger and all I could do was nod and encourage them to try one today.

Realizing that time is limited on the McRib I will be returning to McDonald’s very soon and continue the gluttonous path the McRib has started me on.

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