My Victory Strike

By | March 21, 2008

It may have been a regular season game but the energy in Rexall last night made it feel like a playoff game. The Oilers had climbed back from a tough losing stretch to be on the bubble of making the playoffs. With the regular season winding down every game was important, and when a rival is in town the stakes are raised even higher.

Last night I was graced with tickets to see Vancouver play Edmonton, and had a little moral support with Gord by my side wearing a Canucks jersey. The one thing I always enjoy is seeing how many Vancouver fans attend these games, it is nice to know you are not alone amongst a sea of copper and blue.

Edmonton-Vancouver - Luongo

My history of seeing Edmonton lose to Vancouver is quite good and in a pretty exciting game Vancouver came out top winning 4-1. I will give Edmonton credit, when the team scores Rexall is full of energy and if you are cheering for the opposition it feels like you are the only one not standing.

Before the game started Kevin Martin and his team were honored for their recent Brier victory. Out of principle I could not stand up, but seeing as I was already cheering for the away team I guess I went against the majority all night.

This victory was huge from Vancouver as the team went from being chased by the 10th placed team to only being a point behind the division leaders. As the season winds down every point and victory, both moral and in the game, can make the difference from the post season or not. If Vancouver does make the playoffs I would not be surprised if they noted this game as a catalyst in their final push.

Lost: Not Yet

Last night was made even more legendary in that the final batch of Lost episodes aired. I am glad that ABC decided to end on the eighth episode rather than the seventh because last night was so good. A season and a half have passed since we last saw Michael and Walt and their whereabouts, hardships and other questions were answered.

The four weeks will be long but it will also give me a chance to reflect on everything we have found out in this season. The Oceanic Six and those left behind, who is behind the fake Oceanic 815 crash, the fate of Karl and Danielle, the powers of the island and its force on those back in civilization and everything in between will be enough to question during this hiatus.


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