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By | March 17, 2008

Ten days ago I picked up my rental car, a 2008 Grand Prix, while the Jetta went in to have its black eye fixed. I love my car, and in the last three years it has been the only car I have known. I am quite used to it, and the annoyances I do have with the Jetta are overlooked because of other features.

After ten days of driving the rental car I can safely say the only highlight was the satellite radio. Maybe it is because I am completely in love with my Jetta, which has an upgraded interior, but there are some things about the Grand Prix that are incredibly annoying.

Pontiac - Jetta logo

The stereo layout is awkward and not intuitive. The car feels huge, and parking is difficult because it feels like I am about to hit every car around me. A small detail, but one I noticed right away was the lack of cup holders. There were only two in the front seat and a very small storage area inside the door panel.

I’m glad to say that the Grand Prix is no longer in my life and I have been reunited with the Jetta. I originally had a whole post devoted to what I disliked about the Grand Prix but when I sat in the Jetta today all of that was forgotten.

As the snow melts, so should any hazardous conditions that may put another target symbol on the car. I was hoping to pick the car up when the roads were not as mucky because there is nothing like getting a freshly clean car, and since you haven’t driven it in a while it feels like a new vehicle in your hands.

In the last week I also had my plugged ear examined and it turned out to be an infection. Seeing as how the loss of hearing happened over night I guess that makes sense, but how it happened is still a mystery. My goal is to be moderately healthy for the wedding, and I hope that the ear infection is the last of my problems.

In the past six months I have had a checkup, blood work, ear infection, broken ankle, multiple nosebleeds and a cold sore so I think my quota should be met until July.

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