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My Fifteen Seconds

I need someone to loan me a large amount of money. What reason? Well, for this. As someone who grew up loving the Back to the Future series this is looking at a piece of my youth.

If I could now just acquire an Ecto-1 then I would have my dream garage complete. I accept PayPal, mail orders and even cash. You know how to find me.

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

Well, it has been a while since my last update. I had a pretty solid weekend. It really got in motion when Brad and I saw Alkaline Trio on Saturday night. It was my seventh show of the year and first one of the season at Starlite Room. Overall it was an entertaining gig and Alkaline Trio thoroughly rocked.

Alkaline Trio

They did not perform an encore, but instead blistered through an enthusiastic ninety minute set. I did end up recording the show, but we were located in the ‘licensed’ area and had a large group of rowdies near me so the recording picked up their conversations. Too bad really since it would have been a great sounding show otherwise.

The doors opened at five, and by nine everyone was heading home. I have been to shows where it ended early, but this one won by a mile.

Sunday was a picnic in the park to celebrate Kelly’s 24th birthday. The rain held off long enough to enjoy hot dogs, hamburgers and a surprising amount of vegetables.

picnic 1 | picnic 2 | picnic 3 | picnic 4 | picnic 5

Sunday also marked the day that Jenna and I started on season five of 24. Gord was kind enough to load all of the episodes onto my XBOX. We made it through five episodes of the season and it is off to a wild start.


We’re running out of time!

My Downtown Time

It was brief, but if you were quick you caught it. seagurs was offline for about an hour yesterday afternoon. There was an ominous message about the account being suspended and that I needed to contact billing immediately. Of course my first reaction was that a bill was not paid, but with it being deducted from my credit card I could not see how that was possible.

Account Suspended

Apparently I had a script that was running in a loop and causing the server CPU usage to run at 100%. This is something usually left for malicious code, but this script is needed in the WordPress structure. The best I can figure is that this has to relate to the up/down hosting from yesterday. I was having problems previewing my post, and when that was happening the script was probably running and creating a problem.

I have upgraded my WordPress version from 2.0 to 2.0.2. I suspect that the time out errors I was receiving yesterday led to this script running out of control and thus the brief suspension.

My Place In The Sun

Lost was pretty good last night. Wait, that is a huge understatement. Last night was one of the best episodes of the season.

The ending came completely out of left field. It was one of the few times that I have yelled at the TV out of shock. This episode was worth waiting for, and now we are in the final stretch. Three weeks from now it will all be over until September.

What a ride!


Edit: It seems that there are some issues with my host as I have had problems editing this post. Your results may vary.