Monthly Archives: January 2008

My Bug Report

iTunes LogoAnother year and another cryptic error message. This one is not so much the message, but the port that it is happening on. My port to the power of three is apparently being a nuisance and not letting others into my shared music.

iTunes: Port ^3

I did a search for this error message but it was pretty unsuccessful. There was information about restriction across firewalls but that is not the case here. Incidentally, the user trying to access my iTunes shared was having problems accessing other shared collections so perhaps his iTunes was the problem?

On a completely different, but perhaps similar note, iTunes 7.6 was released following the Macworld keynote speech today. Sure, there was a MacBook Pro Air, Time Capsule and updates to Apple TV, but what I am most concerned with is letting people access my machine on port ^ 3 and if iTunes 7.6 can prevent that.

My Air Siren

I realize the purpose of having a presence in the air for the police service is to have a birds eye view of a situation. If you are in pursuit of a vehicle on the highway a helicopter will allow the officers a chance to track the suspect. At night infrared and a spotlight can track down someone on foot.

EPS: Air OneThe other day I wondered if the Eurocopter EC-120, more familiar as Air One, is equipped with sirens. As with most things that cross my mind, they are senseless, but maybe this one has merit? Throw a giant cherry on the helicopter, turn on the siren and tear through the skies.

Cessna’s and Boeing’s alike would be getting out of the way if Air One had sirens a blazing. I say, put a siren on even when it is being used to follow a suspect. Add some color in the air and give those in a high speed chase something to look at through their sunroof as they speed through traffic on a crisp and cool autumn evening.