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My Place Like Home

It’s a bittersweet moment, really. Since the season three finale of Lost last May I counted down the months until season four began. Then when it got close enough I was counting down the days. It was all I wanted and the opening moments of the premiere were worth it.

We were welcomed to a season of flash-forwards as Hurley tried to evade the police. Thursday’s became the highlight of my week and even the weaker episodes (The Other Woman or Eggtown) were enjoyable because it was still Lost.

Lost 4: Characters

All of this comes to an end tonight with a two hour finale. Then we launch into another nine month break and I slowly crawl up the walls and wonder how I will ever survive the break. I will go through the stages of grief and eventually resort to counting down the months. It is a vicious cycle, but one I do not share alone.

When I watch Lost I immerse myself in the moment and am on the edge of my seat. I figured I would do some real time updating between the commercial breaks and share my first impressions of the episode as it unfolds. Obviously what I write is going to be relevant to the episode so read lightly if you haven’t seen it yet.

Lost 4: The Wait is Over

7:07 PM: The final Lost Intro of the season and it wastes no time with being awesome. We have to go back and we pick up where we left off. Jeremy Bantham is in the coffin, who is that? It has been three years since they returned from the island. Jin understands what boom means. Where did Ben and Keamy go? boom.

7:17 PM: The freighter people are no match for The Others. Awesome fight between Sayid and Keamy.

7:27 PM: Walt, Hurley and Jeremy Bantham. It was Locke’s idea to protect the island, wonderful. Was that the final Man of Science, Man of Faith showdown?

7:37 PM: This is over the top with wonderful. Miles does a fantastic Jim impression and Charlotte has been to the island before? Apparently Ben didn’t get the TPS report about no metal objects inside the time portal. How come the bomb hasn’t gone off yet? Is the time shift playing into the benefit of those on the boat? boom.

7:48 PM: You just killed everyone on that boat. So?

7:57 PM: Charlotte was born on the island? What! Poor Sawyer…

8:10 PM: So sad…so incredibly sad. I told Jin to run, that was not cool. Stuff about Bantham not being his real name is overshadowed by this. Not cool, I need time to digest that, I need a hug.

8:19 PM: I’m still thinking about Jin and that last segment. Christian is the Grim Reaper? Sun wants…what…closure with Jin so is getting Widmore involved? Metal objects in a microwave are not a good idea.

8:30 PM: OH MY GOD! aklsdrflk;asjdflkasjdfWHAT?! Purple sky, Ben ends up in Tunisia after that, Farady’s people on the raft…what, WHAT, WHAT!? Desmond and Lupidus are the other two that survived the crash but died before the Oceanic Six rescue? No, do not do this to me. You took Jin and now Desmond dies. No, no way man. aksdjfl34713rsawhat?! Show has reached level bananas…gah!

8:44 PM: Beautiful. That was beautiful. That felt so good. Years of waiting, and hoping, and that was it. Bring a Kleenex to this party because you’re going to need it.

8:57 PM: As I stare at the TV, jaw agape, I am trying to piece everything together. Lost spent the last two hours completely wrecking me.

Locke gets off the island (if Tom can do it, I guess it’s not unreasonable) and things do not go well for him and The Others. They all have to go back, does that include Desmond and Frank? I’m glad nothing tragic happened to Desmond, he can live happily with Penelope…until Jack comes calling. Jack orchestrating the secret drove him to madness.

Was Ben moving the island the Frozen Donkey Wheel moment? It seems to be a very literal interpretation of it and hidden deep beneath The Orchid station is a poor donkey that just wants to get warm but can never get behind that other wall.

Lost: We have to go back

…we have to go back.

My Make Like A Tom is having a Father’s Day DVD sale and I noticed Minority Report was on sale. Since I already own the movie I wasn’t interested in purchasing it, but what caught my attention was that Colin Ferrell was the actor they listed to sell the movie.

Minority Report with lead actor being Ferrell

I didn’t think Ferrell had a big part in the movie, and when I confirmed with IMDB’s listing of full credits Ferrell is listed twenty-fifth. Suspicious? Definitely. Is Amazon afraid to promote Cruise movies with his name? Are they a part of the Xenu project?

Would Amazon sell Top Gun promoting Val Kilmer or Whip Hubley? Will Days of Thunder be plagued by the same thing and list Chris Ellis instead? Fortunately neither of those two movies have been cleansed of Cruise but is Amazon a part of an underground movement?

If Amazon is up to something they didn’t let Google Trends know. Searching for Tom Cruise brings up data whereas his Minority Report counter part does not even show on the Trends radar.

Your terms – colin ferrell – do not have enough search volume to show graphs. Google Trends

More details to come as this conspiracy is uncovered.

My Mocking Bird

I have had three images in my post for the last few days, and since none of them were worthy of their own post they will now join forces to make a mediocre post told through images.

Last.FM 70,000 TracksI reached a milestone with yesterday and scrobbled my 70,000th track. That number would be a lot higher if iPod plays were counted but even still this works out to 38 songs a day. This play count record came only weeks after my fifth anniversary, which is pretty special for a website I joined randomly all those years ago.

CNN Breaking Story: Bird Stuck

The 500 birds trapped in oil in Northern Alberta is pretty big news, and it even reached several national news sources. CNN did cover it, but it looks like they found a far more interesting story to cover. Why won’t anyone think of the pelicans?

It seems everyone is playing this game except me.Grand Theft Auto IV was released this week to midnight openings and high accolades. It seems that everyone I know is playing this game. This is not a shot of my friends list, but certainly conveys how I felt when I saw all of my Xbox Live friends playing this game for a short period one evening.