Monthly Archives: March 2008

My Missed Birth

By | March 29, 2008

Let’s start with a little word association: choke. Do you think of the medical definition? The Chuck Palahniuk book? If you are a Vancouver fan you think of the Canucks 4-0 loss to Minnesota on Friday. We have dropped four straight since that amazing victory over Edmonton last week, our number one player has gone… Read More »

My New Burger

By | March 24, 2008

RibWichThe stars have aligned and something magical has happened, the McRib has returned and is in Canada! Readers will know that I was tormented with the Reunion Tour several years ago, but this time it is really in Canada. Not only has a co-worker had one, the McRib’s Wikipedia has been updated and lists Edmonton… Read More »

My Victory Strike

By | March 21, 2008

It may have been a regular season game but the energy in Rexall last night made it feel like a playoff game. The Oilers had climbed back from a tough losing stretch to be on the bubble of making the playoffs. With the regular season winding down every game was important, and when a rival… Read More »

My Steering Committee

By | March 17, 2008

Ten days ago I picked up my rental car, a 2008 Grand Prix, while the Jetta went in to have its black eye fixed. I love my car, and in the last three years it has been the only car I have known. I am quite used to it, and the annoyances I do have… Read More »