Monthly Archives: July 2006

My Weekend Update

Once a month Jenna works weekends and I am left to my own devices, this is how I amused myself. The following takes place between Friday night to Sunday afternoon:

I met Dad at South Common Cineplex at 6:40PM on Friday evening to see Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. We were hoping to get in line at 7PM for the 8PM showing.

Fortunately Dad got there before I did and heard that it was sold out until 10:00PM. Not wanting to go home empty handed he bought two tickets for the 10PM showing; we had some time to pass.

We walked over to Montana’s and enjoyed three pounds of wings and a pitcher of Rickard’s Red. The first two pounds of wings looked pretty easy, but their wings are quality, not quantity. As we got our bill I saw that the Eskimos game was being rained out. The walk to the theater from Montana’s is not very long, but if the apocalyptic rain hit us it would seem a lot farther.

After waiting ninety minutes in line (we were 7 and 8 in line) we were allowed to enter the theatre and wait for good ‘ol swashbuckling good times. I thoroughly enjoyed the first Pirates movie. What is not to like? There was pirates, undead pirates and Keira Knightly; a perfect trifecta.

Dead Man’s Chest was fantastic. It was a long movie but totally worth it. There were some nice throwbacks to the first movie as well as some history given to the main characters and the movies mythology. Davy Jones and his crew looked fantastic.

The production and special effects crew stepped up their game on this movie. It is only a year until the final installment of the movie is released, but it seems like such a long time, especially considering the way Dead Man’s Chest ended.

I took advantage of the good weather this weekend and put some time on my bicycle. Saturday I did the 20KM loop in decent time, but the wind held me back from reaching my 2005 lap time. On Sunday Aaron and I did a massive ride to Leduc and back, a distance of 40KM.

Aaron had an advantage of doing that distance several times before inviting me along and it showed as he held a steady pace and lead most of the way. Sometimes when I finish the 20KM loop I feel good enough to do it all again, just so I can get a taste of 40KM.

I think I have changed my line of thinking on that one though. It is almost like going from Base Camp to Camp 3 on Everest without having time to adjust, it came as quite a shock.

I will need a few more attempts at the 40KM loop to get into a good pace. At the end of the trip we did it in 63 minutes, just a shade slower than Aaron’s fastest time; so not a bad start to the 40KM by any means.

It seems my rain dance powers still continue. I spent several hours cleaning the Jetta this afternoon. It was washed, waxed, cleaning inside and polished on the out. And not more than an hour later the clouds rolled in and started to rain. At least the car was clean for a little bit. I picked up a pretty big sunburn on my back for my troubles too. Win some and lose some I guess.

The summer of sport just got a little less exciting as the World Cup finished today. Because I was washing the Jetta I missed most of the match but I was able to catch extra time and on. I was rooting for France.

I really do not have a team in the World Cup. Canada is a few tournaments away from being good. I am an England/Ukraine mix, but both of those teams failed to make it to the final, so France was the next obvious choice.

Although when Zidane was ejected from the game, and thus not being able to participate in the penalty kicks, his teams chances looked a little less solid. Italy made up for losing the World Cup against Brazil in penalty kicks years back, so I suppose karma helped them through this one.

It seemed like an exciting match, I wish I could have caught more of it. At least the Tour just started so there will still be great sport action to catch before I leave for work. That is all for now you salty land lovin’ dogs!

Update: As I wrote this post the rain was coming in and it looked like all was lost on my cleaning efforts, but a few drops fell and that was it. All I want is a clean car to take to work, just one day, and then it can get dirty.