Monthly Archives: February 2010

My Two Month Tubes

I had a pretty good week with hot dogs. It has been over two months since my last tube steak and in the span of a week I had three meals of dogs adding to my count by 8.

My dream of getting to 52 (again) is still alive.

My Disposable Results

January 30, 2010For as long as I can remember I had a Fujifilm QuickSnap disposable camera in my bedside drawer. I don’t know when I got it, what photos were taken with it, or where it has been, but it was always there. I rediscovered the camera a few years ago and there were half of the exposures remaining. I wanted to make the most of this mysterious camera and took random photos with it until I finished the roll.

In January I took the last photo and was giddy with excitement to finally discover the secrets that were on the camera. When I picked the pictures from the photo lab the lady said “Not many turned out” and I was devastated. The camera did have an expiration date of 2005, so anything taken after that time would be a surprise. Sadly only ten photos turned out but they were a nice glimpse into the past.

It looked like the camera originated from our June 2004 trip to Jasper and could have been used at the three consecutive Matthew Good shows later that month before being tucked away in the move to the condo in 2006. Here are a few of the results from the mysterious Fujifilm:

I plan on taking this adventure with the disposable camera one step further. My Mom was an avid photographer and among her gear was a Canon A-1 with a macro and a zoom lens. The next time I am at the homestead I will recover the gear, purchase some film and see what sort of results I can get.

My Oceanic Arrival

Will next season start with them landing at LAX successfully or has all of this happened before and will continue to happen?

I wrote that on May 14, 2009 and for the last 265 days I have continued to think about it, understand how it all connects and patiently wait for the last eight and a half months.

I have continued my MSN profile tribute, which has been running since before the start of season five and will continue with it through the remainder of season six. May seems like such a long time ago, and here I am, hours away from the wait being over. It feels like it has gone by fast, and other times it has dragged on.

Tonight will be the last Lost premiere. The last chance for a new curve ball to be thrown. The last time the season can open on a new eye and a new piece of the puzzle to be introduced. Tonight is the last time I order Hawaiian pizza for the premiere. Tonight, it is finally tonight. I am almost in disbelief that this moment has finally come.

It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress. (Jacob from The Incident)