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My Lost Script

There’s no Lost tonight. In four weeks I’ll be saying that every day, but in that situation I have no new Lost to look forward to again. After a healthy run of three months a week off was scheduled to prepare for the May 23 finale.

I haven’t written about Lost much this season, or about a lot of things in general, but that doesn’t mean I find this season any less amazing. I had faith in the LA X timeline, I thought The Temple storyline was good, and as the series accelerates closer to the end I have no idea what is going on or how it will end. I find it amusing that the characters I care about most (Desmond, Ben, Richard, Jacob, Man in Black) were not even around in season and some weren’t even mentioned until season three.

In light of Lost not being on it’s time to take a walk down memory lane with some scripts from previous episodes. This site has a few scripts from season one and two. I don’t normally read scripts, I imagined they were pretty tame, but if they include the amount of cussing, unsaid suggestion and written like something Quentin Tarantino would do then I should read some more.

One of my favorite Lost episodes was Season 2 – Episode 20 Two for the Road because of the shocking end and here is how some key moments were scripted:

(to Jack)
What? You brought her along for the sympathy vote? Well she ain’t in my head, Doc, so go screw.

Ow. ON KATE, uncomfortable that Sawyer has crossed into this territory. Jack deals with it another way — pulls out HIS fucking gun, sticks it in Sawyer’s face

Take us to the guns. Right now.

Now Sawyer has a moment of realization. He doesn’t have his fucking gun! He forgot about it. He involuntarily reaches anyway for the back of his waistband, like you’d check for your missing wallet. Nothing! Double fuck.

That bitch. She stole my damn gun.
(off Jack’s look)
Ana Lucia.

How’d she do that?

Sawyer’s not about to tell Jack that —


What does she need a gun for?

Locke knows why: to get fucking revenge. He realizes he might have seriously fucked up.

Jack. I need to tell you something.

BACK ON MICHAEL — And his expression changes — as if he’s in great EMOTIONAL PAIN that he can’t restrain anymore. A single TEAR slips down his cheek. And then, very, very softly, he says —

I’m sorry.

For what?

Michael abruptly STANDS. Points the gun at Ana Lucia.


He shoots her. POINT BLANK.

And Ana’s eyes barely register surprise as she slides off the couch. SLUMPS into a seated position.

She looks up at Michael, still pointing the gun at her as she opens her mouth — but it’s not drawn out. No. Because a moment later, her body just… goes SLACK.

Her eyes stay open, but the lights are out.

Ana Lucia Cortez is dead.

Michael — ?


And Michael is fucking SHOOTING before he even sees what he’s shooting at — INSTINCT now as he WHIPS AROUND towards the sound of that voice and REVEAL —


SHOCKED. HOLDING THE BLANKETS SHE WAS GETTING FOR HER PICNIC WITH HURLEY. A BLACKENED HOLE now permeates in the center of those blankets as Libby’s knees fucking BUCKLE

She hits the ground like a back of rocks. Over. DONE.

Oh sweet fucking CHRIST.


And then he BREAKS it. Pulls his eyes away from the dead women as he TURNS — INTENSE — walks over to the ARMORY —

GIACCHINO MUSIC starts to POUND now as his SHAKING HAND spins the COMBINATION DIAL — eighteen to the right — one to the left — thirty-one to the right. HE PULLS DOWN THE HANDLE —

THE DOOR SLIDES OPEN. DARK IN HERE, Michael, the gun at his side, BACKLIT by the living area behind him as we REVEAL…

Henry. Sitting in the corner. Untied.

And considering he just heard three gunshots and a STRANGE MAN is now standing in the doorway of his “cell,” the look on Henry’s face is not one of FEAR…

It is one of ACCEPTANCE.

He stands up. Faces Michael.

And Michael looks at him. ANOTHER tear slides down his face as he raises the gun…


My Triple Ex Dog

It’s a travesty that my Tube Steak Challenge has taken a back seat in the last few months, but it has come back to life in the last week with an addition of seven.

The count now stands at 38. This leaves 70 days to go, exactly ten weeks, to consume 14 hot dogs. Since we the house conditions have been cleared we may have to rely on hot dogs for the month of June. At least they can be grilled in a back yard on a large deck.

My New Patio

Today we cleared conditions of the house so we can officially say that we bought the house. We felt a little hesitant announcing home ownership during the last week for fear of jinxing it or having some issue creep up and affect us losing the house we already lost once before. The conditions included financing and inspection, seemingly simple, but any number of things can go wrong with them.

Fortunately everything is in the clear, the issues raised from the house inspection were not important enough to impact the sale of the house and gave me a long “honey do” list for this year and a few years to come.

I brought my camera along to the house inspection on Saturday and if I wasn’t photographing issues (which our home inspector did anyway) I took pictures of other areas that the MLS listing didn’t show off.


Living Room




Sadly, furnishings is not included and when we take possession we will be surprised by how empty the place is and how little furniture and decorations we own. Everywhere you look there is a shelf, a corner, or a ledge that needs something on it so it will be a slow process on filling the house and making improvements the we want.

Now that we have our new address and a move in date we begin the process of contacting businesses to update our address, arrange for utilities and packing up our life and moving east.

My Eight Month Appointment

Sometime in December I noticed that my vision was not as sharp as it used to be. I thought it was because of different lighting conditions at work or the darker days, but I found text was not as clear as it had been. Maybe it had always been a little fuzzy following my PRK surgery, or maybe something else changed. When I compare my vision from the left eye to the right eye there is definitely a difference and the right eye is noticeably blurry.

At the last appointment in 2009 with my ophthalmologist noted the pressure in my eye was a little high and to stop using the Flarex eye drops. Was it because of the pressure that my right eye started to lose focus? Or was it all unrelated? I was on track to have an appointment in spring of 2010 but I was concerned with my vision so I scheduled for an appointment for early February.

The pressure in my eye had decreased and was no longer a concern but the vision in my right eye was a 20/25 and the left eye was 20/20. The chances of the right eye improving were doubtful, but there may be no benefit in having surgery again on the eye. I can function day to day without an issue. Driving, playing hockey and other activities are fine; but when I am required to read text on a screen, especially at an angle, I have to get in closer to read it. Some days I feel I can see a little better in the right eye but after I do a quick left eye versus right eye comparison I’m reminded of how far from perfect 20/25 is.

I cannot do much about this for the time being, my anniversary is in two months and I wonder how my eye sight will be then. Will I need to get a pair of reading glasses soon? Should I consider surgery again? If so, would I go for PRK or Lasik? For now will be partially updated and may stay that way for the remaining two months on the domain registration.

For all other PRK surgery recovery posts see here.

My Enthusiastic Curb Appeal

Going from a show about nothing to a show about people yelling at each other is quite the leap but after watching all seven seasons of Curb Your Enthusiasm I can see Larry David’s work all over Seinfeld.

After hearing about the Seinfeld reunion on Curb Your Enthusiasm I watched “The Table Read”, laughed a lot, and decided it was worth it to start from the awkward and uncomfortable beginning. Jenna and I started at the beginning and loved it. It was awkward, embarrassing and hilarious all in one. Curb Your Enthusiasm is far from work safe, but you get so emerged in the dialog that you may not recognize vulgar language until some says something incredibly offensive and then you realize what you are watching.

Classic moments were Larry’s drawn out “pretty good” and whenever he would stare someone down hoping to see the truth in their eyes. Surprisingly, both moments were in a single scene here. Nearly every episode would have us performing some variation of a face palm or head hold while we questioned Larry’s actions. For the most part Larry David was put in terrible circumstances by doing what he thought was right or fair, but it was never seen that way.

The show would bring socially accepted situations or behaviors into question. Things that are accepted “as is” for most of us would get Larry involved in a shouting match with a complete stranger. The show does have a lot of yelling, which is mostly due to not having a script, but that’s how real life goes. You don’t pause for crowd reaction, you continue talking and if you are trying to make a point you just talk louder and force the other person out of the conversation.

In a lot of ways Curb Your Enthusiasm mirrored Seinfeld where nothing would happen. With the exception of a few seasons (The Producers, Seinfeld and restaurant opening) the others carried on without incident and would follow Larry and his friends around various stories and antics. Richard Lewis needing a kidney was a big story but I can’t remember what else happened in that season or how it related. The problem with binging on a show, especially one where the seasons just happen is that you can easily forget what one season was about to the next.

One thing there was never a shortage of was celebrity name drops and appearances from a familiar face. After a while you get used to seeing Ted Danson around or just expect Ben Stiller to be in the next episode, and it was refreshing to have other actors just show up, similar to Entourage but in greater quantity.

After Curb Your Enthusiasm I may venture into It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to continue the comedy against heavy dramas like Deadwood or Mad Men.