My Eight Month Appointment

By | April 19, 2010

Sometime in December I noticed that my vision was not as sharp as it used to be. I thought it was because of different lighting conditions at work or the darker days, but I found text was not as clear as it had been. Maybe it had always been a little fuzzy following my PRK surgery, or maybe something else changed. When I compare my vision from the left eye to the right eye there is definitely a difference and the right eye is noticeably blurry.

At the last appointment in 2009 with my ophthalmologist noted the pressure in my eye was a little high and to stop using the Flarex eye drops. Was it because of the pressure that my right eye started to lose focus? Or was it all unrelated? I was on track to have an appointment in spring of 2010 but I was concerned with my vision so I scheduled for an appointment for early February.

The pressure in my eye had decreased and was no longer a concern but the vision in my right eye was a 20/25 and the left eye was 20/20. The chances of the right eye improving were doubtful, but there may be no benefit in having surgery again on the eye. I can function day to day without an issue. Driving, playing hockey and other activities are fine; but when I am required to read text on a screen, especially at an angle, I have to get in closer to read it. Some days I feel I can see a little better in the right eye but after I do a quick left eye versus right eye comparison I’m reminded of how far from perfect 20/25 is.

I cannot do much about this for the time being, my anniversary is in two months and I wonder how my eye sight will be then. Will I need to get a pair of reading glasses soon? Should I consider surgery again? If so, would I go for PRK or Lasik? For now will be partially updated and may stay that way for the remaining two months on the domain registration.

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