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My Freefall

For the last few weeks I have lacked motivation. I am not sure if work is taking all of my energy, or my body does not know how to react to sunlight but there are times I feel like I am just coasting. I could go to bed Monday and wake up Thursday and think that was natural.

This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time. If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?

At work the idea was proposed that we go to Coachella next year. We figured that if we saved $50 from each paycheque between now and then we would have a thousand dollars to cover the cost of tickets, accommodation and travel.

An interesting idea, we will see if this goes anywhere. The last few years at Coachella appear to have been epic, so why would it break from tradition in 2008? If anything it would be one helluva stag for my wedding six weeks later.

Jenna is at work tonight so I am using my free time to edit the Wednesday night recording of Everclear. I do not think I will get around to editing the Interpol show. I still have some shows from 2005 that have not been edited yet and some work to do on the March 2006 Matthew Good DVD, so Interpol will go on the backburner.

That is what you get for being such a minimalist band Interpol, how does it taste?

The Everclear set was surprisingly solid. They flowed some one song to another with a very quick transition. By my count there were 20 songs played in a ninety minute set, very tight. If they did come back it would be great to see them in a smaller venue, perhaps Starlite Room or something similar.

I imagine their fan base will probably only allow for a smaller venue as the days of playing the Shaw Conference Center are gone.

I plan on cycling through Beaumont tomorrow morning. It has been about ten months since my last ride and am looking forward to it. The bike was tuned up this week, and without charge. When I bought the bike in September 2005 I was given a free year of service. I only used that luxury once, and figured that last September my free service had expired.

Although when I picked the bike up this afternoon he put a United Cycle sticker on my seat to let the cashiers know everything was good and sent me on my way. Thanks United Cycle, I will be back very soon to put that saved money back into your store.

My Slow Motion Daydream

We like pop. We like soul. We like rock but we never liked disco.

Last night was memorable in every sense. The band played an intense, hit-filled set with great crowd participation and interaction.

Cowboys was a surprisingly good venue and made for an intimate setting with room for five hundred. Brad and I picked a spot just off the dance floor and in front of the soundboard for optimum viewing and sound quality.

For such a great night my only complaint was the time it took for Mariana’s Trench to take the stage. The doors opened at 7:00 but the show did not start until 9:00. It makes for a long night when you have been standing for ninety minutes before the first song begins.

Once the bands started it was three and a half hours of decent music. Mariana’s Trench was a surprise as they played with the passion of Billy Talent, a dose of harmony and had great stage presence.

Tupelo Honey is a band I have heard of but could not recall ever hearing a song of theirs. Their style was very Albertan, and the crowd ate it up. It felt like a strange band to have open for Everclear, but it was certainly better than Volcano (Volcanic?) who opened for them in 2001.

Everclear hit the stage a little after 11:00 and played a solid set with a lot of tunes from So Much for the Afterglow. There was a healthy dose of songs from their other records too and each song would bring me back to my memories of years gone by when I heard the song for the first time.

For the encore Art sounded genuinely sincere about the crowds reception and as a treat played Loser Makes Good from World of Noise, a song rarely played live. At the end of their set Art invited girls on stage to rock out. Then the band busted into a cover of 867-5309/Jenny and closed out the night.

I imagine I will remember more when listening back to the show. Unlike Interpol, I am actually looking forward to editing this show. Curious? Read further”

Everclear Audio
Right Click > Save As to listen to “Santa Monica” from last night. A crowd favorite and one that received a lot of participation.