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My Twenty Eleven in Numbers

Following in the footsteps of the 2009 and 2010 year in reviews I wanted to continue the year end ritual. I am surprised by how much has stayed consistent (top artists, quietest online search month) but there were a few new trends I didn’t expect. Top 10 Google Queries 1. northlands park, edmonton 2. alberta… Read More »

My Trip on the Spaceship Claw

My energy levels leading up to the June 1 U2 concert in Edmonton was lower than I would have liked to admit. June 1 was game one of the Stanley Cup Final between Vancouver and Boston and the transportation to and from the Stadium was a concern, but when we returned home from the concert… Read More »

My Stripes Split

To say I loved The White Stripes would be an understatement. I have travelled several thousand kilometers to see them play, followed them for three days on their 2007 tour and they have dominated my charts since I joined. Jack White was my inspiration on guitar. The music of The White Stripes is simple,… Read More »

My Twenty Ten in Numbers

Following in the footsteps of the 2009 year in review I thought it would be interesting to gather the same information and post them here. Some of the results are to be expected, others are a surprise. It’s interesting to see the trend in this information as a lot of what appeared wasn’t available or… Read More »

My Ivory Ears

I had a special moment last week. It was one of those musical awakenings where you instantly loved something and were completely blown away by it. You were suddenly pushed into a world of sound that you loved but did not know existed. Over the last year I have noticed my musical preferences change. I… Read More »