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My Work Treat

Today was the perfect storm of work days. Not only was it the end of the month, it was a Friday and pay day. On top of that it was Halloween and my last day of work before going on vacation. This made for ideal conditions for festivities, games, a little horsing around and adding to my Tube Steak challenge!

Here is a shot of everyone in the office that was dressed up. There were some simple costumes like Three Hole Punch Brendan, to the elaborate ones of a Katamari cousin and a Pac Man ghost.

Keith had the great idea to get Cindy, the creator of the pink Katamari cousin, behind the wheel of her car. Once we figured out how to fit Cindy, and her costume, into the interior of her Civic it lead to hilarity and added to a busy, but fun final day at the office.

We depart on Sunday and with two more Halloween parties to attend between now and finish packing I will definitely be ready for a vacation.

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do
Don’t plan the plan if you can’t follow through
all that matters: taking matters into your own hands
Soon I’ll control everything, my wish is your command

My Empty Hanger

I successfully made my own flip folding device for t-shirts. It may not be glamorous, and it folds the shirt in a quasi-crooked fashion but twenty some wooden hangers were liberated from the closet in the process. The poorly cut lines of cardboard were covered up in ducted tape but the shirts will not know that when I use this nifty device.

The device was simple enough to make but if you are to try this on your own I would recommend using a thinner grade of cardboard. The one I used was very sturdy and made it tough to cut to precision, which lead to the shirts folding over in a crooked manner. If I had straight and proper lines on all three of the folding pieces I am sure this would not be an issue.

How to make your own shirt folder (1:31)

I also could not find a 72cm length of cardboard without a fold, or a bend in it but it did not affect the overall outcome. The most time consuming thing was cutting the pieces of cardboard, but that was partly due to the thickness of it. I would estimate about thirty minutes of effort went into constructing this and found that it worked pretty well.

My Incomplete Thought

This is a draft post and it contains partial thoughts. These are half chewed on ideas that lack a start and end. They only have a middle.

Ideas, turned into sentences, dance around with each in the text editor. Being moved around to a better spot in the story to tell their part, or removed entirely because their story will not be told today. They always hope to make the final revision and perform their choreographed steps for the public.

What makes these thoughts a draft? When does a thought, idea or rant go from the infant stages to being released in the wild? Will this still be a draft after I allow it to live amongst the other complete thoughts? Is this all a draft can hope for in life?

When words cannot explain there are links to an appropriate article or an inspiring photograph. This has neither, and without a subject to write on is this a draft? Am I just a manipulator moving this marionette of work, hiding behind the curtains and unseen by the audience?

Only at the end of his time on stage is a purpose given to the performance. The morale of the story is known, but only at the very last moment. The moment when the velvet curtains fall hard to reality and disrupt the dust on the neglected stage floor. The audience sit in silence for half a second, and in unison applaud as one.

My Final Strum

I was searching for silhouettes of people, or a team, for a mock-up for a new CurlTV page and realized that silhouettes are really neat. I became my search with “face silhouette” and was a little surprised to find nudity in there. You can’t go anywhere without a nipple or three popping up.

After months of entertaining the notion I think I have decided to sell my Heritage H-550. I bought it nearly four years ago and I remember the months of research that lead up to its purchase.

I originally contacted the dealer while I was doing Dell training at NAIT and when the dealer first email came in I was ecstatic. What followed was weeks of emails back and forth and a very long shipping process, one that lead to me calling in sick so I could be home when the final delivery attempt was made. I have looked back on those emails and remember it like I am looking through a photo album.

Like several things, I have realized I am not an active participant in them like I was years ago; most notably guitars and concerts. When I started playing guitar I began on a simple acoustic but my dreams outgrew my ability and after a few months I got it in my head that a better guitar would make me a better guitarist.

If there was a book of obvious things that need to be told to people this would go in there so others would not make the same mistake I did.

I am not sure how to go about selling such an instrument, especially in Edmonton. I called Avenue Guitars but was told it would be a long time (not months, but years) until my guitar was brought out from their stock and put on display. There are other guitar stores in Edmonton but I trust Avenue Guitars, but if I want to go through a store perhaps I should contact a few other reputable places.

I have considered going through eBay, Facebook and Kijiji. The benefit of the last two is that the transfer would most likely be local so there would be no problems shipping the guitar or being subject of a money scam. When I get an idea in my head I want to act on it immediately, and just like the original moment I decided to buy a Heritage, I want to sell the guitar now.

Fortunately for me I have gained a little sense and will wait until we return from Mexico before preparing an online posting. Posting an ad and then neglecting potential buyers for two weeks could be bad for business. In the mean time I have put a word out to a few people at work that I am looking to sell Bethany and maybe something will come of that before I can post the guitar online.

Tell your friends.

My Yellow Snow Cone

Keepon (key-pon)
  1) Yellow snow cone that dances to the beats and rhythm of music
  2) Unexpected relationship with music from Spoon
  3) Something everyone wants to own

Need to know more information? Then familiarize yourself with Keepon from the two videos below that launched Keepon into our hearts.

Keepon dancing to Spoon’s “Don’t You Evah” (4:05)   

Keepon dancing to Spoon’s “I Turn My Camera On” (3:37)

Now that you know what I am talking about, this amazing little dancer will be going into production soon. Right now the device carries a $30,000 price tag and was hand built when needed but it will soon be available for researchers and eventually will see a consumer model released.

It seems so long ago that I first read about Keepon and my first thought was when and where I could buy one, I wasn’t alone in thinking that, and it seems our prayers will be answered soon. This is such a simple thing, like a revolutionized dancing sunflower, or an adult Furby and it will sell fast.