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My Battlestar Box

I kind of love Battlestar Galactica. Don’t let my low post count on the topic of the show deceive you, this new version of seagurs has a fraction of what I had written before. Even though the show ended 133 days ago that won’t stop me from writing about it again, or when The Plan is released.

After the show ended in March rumors began about what the complete series would be like, when it would be released and what special features would be included. Information was slow to come out, but little by little an idea of how it would all look began to form. Soon box art and a release date was announced. I debated about whether I needed a box set of something I already owned 90% of own DVD, but I am a consumer whore and caved.

Even though the cost was high, I justified it to myself by believing this was reasonable value for a complete series on BluRay. I did not regret my decision, however, I did wonder if it was worth while. I read about what was included in this complete series and felt more confident in this purchase.

Yesterday the series was delivered to me and all concerns I had were washed away; it is gorgeous. This weekend I plan on spending many hours watching the extended Daybreak finale, special features and watching my favorite moments (Exodus Pt. 2 and Crossroads Pt. 2 come to mind) in glorious high definition and digital sound.

BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper
BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper

So say we all.

My New Dog Year Challenge

The second edition of the Tube Steak Challenge is well under way. Our trip to Lac La Biche last weekend saw my second annual Challenge go from zero to eight in a matter of days. At this rate I will destroy my previous years record, but I know the winter months will see a drought of snouts and entrails so I will enjoy this gluttony for now.

Tube Steak Challenge, Hot Dog 8

My Ocular Inspection

It has been fifty two days since my eye surgery and things have been fairly consistent for the last few weeks. I am at a point now where my vision is strong enough that I do not have ‘functional fuzzy’, I can do my job without issue and do not have problems reading most text. The changes to my eyes have been subtle, and if there are improvements I may not notice it right away.

I was in a world of blur for several weeks and I thought I would notice the day where everything came into focus but it was so gradual that I barely noticed a change. It was like I woke up one morning and I realized that the problems I had from a week ago were gone. Things came into focus. I could see the building across the road, the font on my computer screen and the fine print text from a poster at work.

20-20 Blurry

I have noticed that in low light situations reading is a little difficult, but that is the exception. I have not done night driving in a few weeks so I do not know if I will have halo’s, shadowing, or difficulty reading street signs. My distance vision is strong during daylight so I would hope that would help during darkness.

I was dependent on glasses for so many years I am surprised that I have not instinctively reached for the glasses in the morning to put them on. To that, I have never caught myself moving my index finger up to my nose to adjust the position of my frames, it is almost like I forgot all muscle memory related to when I wore glasses.

Sean With Glasses 2007

My one month follow up with the surgeon was the beginning of July and my next appointment is in October. I was told to decrease the frequency of the drops every month. For July I am use Flarex and Systane Ultra three times a day and then August would be two drops and then September is one. I have not noticed a problem going from four drops a day to three. The lack of the fourth drop does not lead to dry or blurry eyes and I can only hope that the same can be said for subsequent months.

However, the last few days I have noticed a bit more ‘gunk’ in my left eye, which is not the usual type of hard ‘crusties’ you get in the morning. The few theories I have are is that the eye is getting dried out with fans on in the bedroom, it is build up from my round of drops before bed or something else is going on, in any case it is only the left eye that experiences this and it does not happen every night.

It has been a fast fifty two days but not without its frustrations. For those who are recovering from PRK eye surgery my biggest recommendation is to have patience. It really is several months of recovery because not every eye will heal the same or as fast as you want. My recovery process has been longer than someone I know who had the surgery around the same time, and eventually it does get better.

My Deflated Dragon

Let me sweep the dust away from the WordPress admin. Do some moderation on a few comments, update some plugins, upgrade WordPress to its latest release and there we are. Everything is back in order. Where has July gone? Seriously, my last post was July 8th and I do not even know what I have been doing since now and then. My little calendar to the right looks so sad with only one date in blue, but that is about to change.

Left Over

A few weeks ago I came across this brilliant video about a photographer who was photographing people on the street. I love photos like this, and while I am still not comfortable with people photography this really encouraged me to get over that awkwardness.

Ice Dragons

I have been playing a fair bit of hockey in the last few weeks. Sometimes the schedule would have us playing three games in eight days. I saw a lot of ice in the last few months and it has been great. Sadly, the season has come to a disappointing end.

Ice Dragons Logo HeadOur Ice Dragons season started in May. The conditions in which the team came together was an eleventh hour situation. We did not know if we had enough players to meet the quota for having our own team and the final days of registration were hectic enough, and I was just a spectator as Gord organized it all.

Our team was born, we had custom jerseys made and we started the season off strong with two wins. Over the next month we were brought down a level with a series of losses.

Ice Dragons - July 22

By late June our team played stronger and started to play as a team. We started to learn our strengths and weaknesses and went on a six game winning streak to close out the season. The team was bumped down a division halfway through the season and we made the most of it by climbing from a sub .500 record to the top of our four team division.

Ice Dragons Team CelebrationAfter playing in several leagues this was my first time actually getting points on the board and it felt great to contribute to the team. I felt we were in a good position to advance in the playoffs and battle for the division championship. However, a 2-12-0 team (where one of their victories came against us) was our Kryptonite.

We always had close and tight games against The Flyers and on Wednesday night our incredibly short bench and exhausted team was no match for them. We gave up three goals and finally countered with one of our own before going into the final intermission. In the late stages of the third we made it 3-2, setting up for a fierce finish. We pulled the goalie and applied incredible pressure, but came up short. Playoffs are referred to as the other season and your season history means nothing. This is something we now know all too well as the lowest rank seed knocked us off.

It was a great few months of hockey, it would have been better to go further in the playoffs, but that is how it goes. I had fun, played a game I love with a good bunch of people and hope to play with them in the future.

Still, stupid Flyers. Stupid short bench.

My Power Picture Post

There is little to report, but like a presentation being better with PowerPoint, I decided to dress up this entry with some images to assist in my story.

Extreme Prize

I completed an online survery for Value Drug Mart and was quite intruiged by the prize they were offering me if my entry was selected.

Value Drug Mart Survey

I guess this could be an interesting prize.

Tube Steak Challenge

Canada Day marked our nations 142nd birthday, but it was the official end to my innagural Tube Steak Challenge. We celebrated this years holiday at work but enjoyed a BBQ for our troubles of working July 1. It was here that hot dog number 54 was consumed.

Of course when the Coney Island hot dog eating contest from July 4th has a record breaking 68 hot dogs eaten in ten minutes it puts my ‘1.03846’ hot dogs a week to shame.

Hot Dog Tube Steak Challenge 54

Still, I am proud of it all the same.

Months of Waiting

In March I lost everything to In addition to losing blog posts and photos my domain was held for ransom by 1and1. I had to wait for my registration of the domain to expire, then wait the month for the redemption period to run out. Following that I entered an auction to purchase the domain.

seagurs GoDaddy Transfer

After winning the auction I had to wait 60 days to move the domain over to GoDaddy, and now is rightfully mine.