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By | July 30, 2009

I kind of love Battlestar Galactica. Don’t let my low post count on the topic of the show deceive you, this new version of seagurs has a fraction of what I had written before. Even though the show ended 133 days ago that won’t stop me from writing about it again, or when The Plan is released.

After the show ended in March rumors began about what the complete series would be like, when it would be released and what special features would be included. Information was slow to come out, but little by little an idea of how it would all look began to form. Soon box art and a release date was announced. I debated about whether I needed a box set of something I already owned 90% of own DVD, but I am a consumer whore and caved.

Even though the cost was high, I justified it to myself by believing this was reasonable value for a complete series on BluRay. I did not regret my decision, however, I did wonder if it was worth while. I read about what was included in this complete series and felt more confident in this purchase.

Yesterday the series was delivered to me and all concerns I had were washed away; it is gorgeous. This weekend I plan on spending many hours watching the extended Daybreak finale, special features and watching my favorite moments (Exodus Pt. 2 and Crossroads Pt. 2 come to mind) in glorious high definition and digital sound.

BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper
BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper BSG Last Supper

So say we all.

3 thoughts on “My Battlestar Box

  1. Gordon

    So what you’re saying is, with ‘The Plan’ not out yet, this is actually ‘THE COMPLETE SERIES .9’ with ‘THE COMPLETE SERIES 1.0’ coming out in a year, and ‘THE COMPLETE SERIES 1.5’ scheduled 2 weeks later, with more special features.

    Do you have an entire Battlestar shelf yet? Yes you do.

  2. Sean Post author

    SciFi/Syfy knows how to ruin us fans, and your idea of ‘COMPLETE SERIES 1.5’ isn’t unrealistic, it’s going to happen.

    The season boxes with the complete series are quite thin and take up less space than the DVD’s did, but between that and the DVD’s I have a lot of Galactica and almost need a new cabinet for it all.

  3. Alex Pedden

    I am so jealous. Like, ridonkulous. I know I have the ability to go out and purchase this whole shebang, just like you, but maybe I will horde my pennies and allow you to revel in the superiority a little longer.

    Live the Dream.

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