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My Battlestar Box

I kind of love Battlestar Galactica. Don’t let my low post count on the topic of the show deceive you, this new version of seagurs has a fraction of what I had written before. Even though the show ended 133 days ago that won’t stop me from writing about it again, or when The Plan… Read More »

My Hull Breach

I have had several days, two complete viewings and a few hours of discussions among others but the hole left by Galactica is still pretty painful. I still find myself thinking about the finale, the story, the music used and what it all means an awful lot. Fortunately I am not the only one still… Read More »

My Galactica Dedication

For the last few weeks I have working on various stages of this post. Some versions had the beginnings of what made this show appealing to me. Other revisions had a simple graphic and a thank you. Each time I wrote something I felt that it wasn’t doing proper justice to the show or what… Read More »