Monthly Archives: September 2010

My Kingdom Return

In just over two weeks we are returning to England. We were pretty content with our 2009 trip, and after upgrading to a house in May we thought we would stay within Canada for a while. However, those plans changed when we learned that the family we stayed with will be leaving England in 2011 so our opportunity to return and have available accommodation would be closing very soon so if we wanted to return we had to do it now.

We saw a lot of the tourist stops in London last year so this time around we will be taking a more relaxed attitude on our day trips. This will include spending a little more time in parks, along the Regent Street shopping district, look around Covent Garden, explore some museums and spend more time in Cambridge.

We are also planning a trip to France for four days so that should give us a chance to see a good portion of the things to see there. We will likely travel by train so my fascination of holes in the ground will be very piqued when we cross under the English Channel.

All in all it should be a fun trip, but there is a bit to accomplish between now and take off.

My Summer Roast Toast

The end of the summer has come and I only had a single hot dog roast. It was long overdue, and hopefully we will get a functioning barbecue in the near future so I don’t stall out at unlucky thirteen for the winter months.