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My Missing Nail

Just over three months ago I went to Fernie for a ski trip. While the skiing was fantastic, I came home with an unfortunate souvenir.

I tried various methods to alleviate the pain and the bruising, but saw no success. I lived with the black toe, keeping it in hiding most days. Although when it became sandal season the black toe was displayed for all to see, although few commented on it.

Once it became apparent that the nail was separating from the toe I took drastic measures and put some tape around the toe to prevent any abrupt nail removal. It felt awkward for the first few days but then the tape posed no problem.

After playing street hockey during our lunch hours I experienced some discomfort in the toe area. It would pass and I would not think about it again until the next hockey session. A few days of this cycle passed and I decided it was time to investigate the toe and reapply new tape.

To my surprise the nail was nearly off. In fact I could lift the nail off the toe in a clam shell-like manner. With Dad having a medical background he determined we could cut off the nail close to the edge so it would get a chance to dry out and not get caught on any clothing.

And, now, for your entertainment purposes here are some pictures of the toe. This is before I applied the tape that lasted for five days. And this is after Dad cut off most of my nail.

I did some research and I do not think there is a Toe Fairy, because this would have been payday!

Also, check out the previous post for a sample from the System Of A Down concert if you have not already. The light editing I did really brought out the vocals. I should post a before/after editing sample so the powers of post production can truly be realized.

My Technical Difficulties

If it is not broken, do not fix it. That is a golden rule, and one I have come to know all too well in the last ten days.

Technical Difficulties

I have been running my main computer off of water cooling for nearly three years now. I planned on using this machine even when I bought a laptop, it was still good for what I needed to do on it. I was becoming leery of the water cooling abilities and decided to switch over to an air cooled system.

After I bought a new case, several fans and I was ready for the switch. My first obstacle came when I was missing a critical part (socket 478 retention guide) and could not proceed with the install. Every store I called did not have this part in stock, and when I did find it the cost was $38.

Memory Express was my saviour, as they also had it in stock and for a lot cheaper. Although after a very unfortunate day I left there without my retention guide. I called in the morning, confirmed they had them in stock, but when I arrived in the evening they were all sold out. Not just in Edmonton, but in their Calgary stores too.

A week passed and not wanting to lose any more time on my projects (as I am still editing the Matthew Good DVD and The Strokes audio) I decided to fork over the $38 and buy the retention guide. Road block after road block.

I had everything set up in the new case, but then the machine did not power on. The fans were spinning but it would not power anything else. Hours of troubleshooting led me to find that the power supply was faulty. I made an emergency drive into Edmonton to have the power supply replaced. Just my luck, when they tested the power supply it worked.

Ninety minutes later I return home with a power supply that is in a bitchy mood and a motherboard that is unhappy with the new case. I decide to forget the new case and move everything back into the old case, the one that was previously used for water cooling. I set everything up, throw the power switch and…nothing.

Now neither power supply will work and I am past my seven day return period for the hardware I originally bought at Memory Express. Where does this leave me? Most likely with a faulty motherboard and no known good parts to test with.

If it is not broken…

My Rebate Plate

One of the few pleasures I get out of making the salary I do is the healthy GST cheques that arrive. It may not be much, but an extra $80 every few months is a pleasant surprise.

The more I work the less the cheques are worth, and I assume eventually they will stop coming all together. Until that time comes though, I will look forward to those magical brown envelopes in the mail.

I got to thinking about the GST rebate cheque and the GST dropping by 1%. Will this mean that my GST rebate will decrease by 1% and get closer to $0? Only time will tell.

In my ever continuing quest to amuse myself when I drive I still continue to look at other peoples license plates. I have not played the license alphabet game since late January, but I still receive entertainment by just looking at plates.

I am always looking for a close cousin of my ECW- plate, but yesterday I saw a fantastic plate. Well the first three letters at least: FUA. Say it aloud. Get a tattoo of it. Those three letters are Canadiana politeness at its finest.

My Thirsty Diaphragm

It has been, again, since my last update. I will blame it on the weather.

It was a full weekend all around. On Friday night Gord and I had our first boys night since early January. In addition to Little Caesars and XBOX we also added a guitar dimension to our evening.

Gord’s mother returned from Mexico with tequila that has a neck strap. Never consciously accepting tequila I ventured into the “One tequila – two tequila – three tequila – floor!” realm. Of course this was only after we had several stiff drinks to start the evening off right.

Somehow, between the drinking, Battlefront and guitar playing I acquired a mean case of the hiccups. I held my breath multiple times, patted my head and rubbed my stomach but the hiccups would not go away.

Rather than attempting to capture the moment in a picture, Gord was able to get a video. Head over to his site and witness the hiccup feat for yourself.

I was lame on taking pictures throughout the night, but here are a few from the Friday that was.

Boys NightBoys NightBoys Night
Boys NightBoys NightBoys Night

The rest of the weekend was devoted to Bauer and condo/house browsing. Jenna and I ended up west of 109th street in the 51st avenue area. You would never think it, but there were some amazing houses in there. Old trees that towered above everything else, unique architecture that did not feel like you were in suburbia and an all around beautiful neighborhood.

When we looked at show homes we accidentally started off our two hour trek by going into the $400,000 houses first. After you have seen those nothing really compares. A master bed bathroom almost seems like a necessity.

Somehow we managed to trim back our house appetite and get into something that would fit us best. Sadly, a lot of the decision as to “what would fit us best” was determined by the cost.

After deciding that living on our own was too much to think about we turned to Bauer and his life at CTU. Making our way through ten episodes (up to number fifteen for the season) we only have nine remaining and then we will be all caught up. It may be premature, but this season is certainly in contention with being the best. It is right up along side the current number one of season three.