My Rebate Plate

By | June 8, 2006

One of the few pleasures I get out of making the salary I do is the healthy GST cheques that arrive. It may not be much, but an extra $80 every few months is a pleasant surprise.

The more I work the less the cheques are worth, and I assume eventually they will stop coming all together. Until that time comes though, I will look forward to those magical brown envelopes in the mail.

I got to thinking about the GST rebate cheque and the GST dropping by 1%. Will this mean that my GST rebate will decrease by 1% and get closer to $0? Only time will tell.

In my ever continuing quest to amuse myself when I drive I still continue to look at other peoples license plates. I have not played the license alphabet game since late January, but I still receive entertainment by just looking at plates.

I am always looking for a close cousin of my ECW- plate, but yesterday I saw a fantastic plate. Well the first three letters at least: FUA. Say it aloud. Get a tattoo of it. Those three letters are Canadiana politeness at its finest.

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