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My Twenty One Day Report

By | June 25, 2009

Three weeks after PRK eye surgery I am pleased to say that things are getting better, albeit it is slow process. The differences I am noticing are not day-to-day improvements but I recognize the changes when I see something clearly now that was a blur last week. I have returned my monitors to their original… Read More »

My Yearly Challenge

By | June 23, 2009

Because of the 1and1 incident from March all of my previous blog entries from the last four years were lost, including the one which announced the start of my Tube Steak Challenge, but that won’t prevent me from declaring that the challenge has come to an end. The challenge started when Jenna showed me a… Read More »

My Death and His Friends

By | June 19, 2009

Coldplay on Thursday night was amazing. Go back and re-read that first sentence because there is no amount of italicization I can use to express how good that show was. It surpassed all expectations I had and thoroughly impressed me. It was more than a concert, it was a truly passionate performance. I always considered… Read More »

My Joke on Vision

By | June 18, 2009

This could fall under the tag of ‘eye surgery‘ but it was more of a casual joke than anything that turned into a joke on me. Last week I was speaking with Gord and jested that I would buy and have it similar to or Gord talked common sense into me, got… Read More »

My Functional Fuzzy

By | June 17, 2009

This is my third installment about my recovery from PRK surgery on June 3rd, which was two weeks ago today. A common question I get when I tell people my vision is still blurred is “How long is it supposed to take until it gets better?”. They ask exactly the same question I ask myself… Read More »

My Recovery From PRK Surgery

By | June 11, 2009

The days following my PRK eye surgery have been very frustrating. I knew that after the surgery my eye sight would come and go, there would be waves of pain and discomfort but I never imagined I would be without clear vision for several days in a row. Even though you know that this is… Read More »

My Dirty Lenses

By | June 3, 2009

I remember the night well. It was a warm evening in Millet and I went for a walk with some friends to honor the final day before I was equipped with glasses. As a Junior High student in a small school I thought I was doomed by wearing glasses. They took a long time to… Read More »

My Television Rundown

By | June 1, 2009

A few weeks ago the television season drew to a close, however with another binge of Battlestar Galactica and other things taking precedence I was unable to complete all of the May finales until recently. September seems so long ago, a fresh season of possibilities is now ready for critiquing. I could talk about any… Read More »