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My Death and His Friends

Coldplay on Thursday night was amazing. Go back and re-read that first sentence because there is no amount of italicization I can use to express how good that show was. It surpassed all expectations I had and thoroughly impressed me. It was more than a concert, it was a truly passionate performance. I always considered… Read More »

My Circus Strip

Time for an update on a few things occupying my time. The seagurs domain is still in ‘redemption period’. A few weeks ago I began the process of trying to reclaim it, but the account information did not match the domain registration so I had to provide government issued identification for Dad and myself. Since… Read More »

My Countdown to the Horizon

In two months the U2 360 tour kicks off and so begins my ritual of following their set lists, listening to fan recordings, reading individual concert reviews and counting down the date until my chance to see them live. Except, I don’t feel the same way about this as I have before. What is going… Read More »