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My Identity Crisis

What is in a name? When it comes to marketing a brand or an identity the consensus is to come up with something and stick with it. Over the last few months I have been struggling with my online identity, but it has recently come to a head. Ask someone what my Last.fm profile name… Read More »

My Power Picture Post

There is little to report, but like a presentation being better with PowerPoint, I decided to dress up this entry with some images to assist in my story. Extreme Prize I completed an online survery for Value Drug Mart and was quite intruiged by the prize they were offering me if my entry was selected.… Read More »

My Joke on Vision

This could fall under the tag of ‘eye surgery‘ but it was more of a casual joke than anything that turned into a joke on me. Last week I was speaking with Gord and jested that I would buy CanSeanSeeYet.com and have it similar to IsItChristmas.com or IsMacTFired.com. Gord talked common sense into me, got… Read More »

My Name Bid

I am now one step closer to having seagurs.com back in my possession. I have debated a lot about what I would do to regain seagurs.com. I contemplated spending the $50USD to 1and1 to retrieve the domain out of the Redemption Period, or just forgetting about it completely. Ultimately I decided to ‘back ordered’ the… Read More »

My Circus Strip

Time for an update on a few things occupying my time. The seagurs domain is still in ‘redemption period’. A few weeks ago I began the process of trying to reclaim it, but the account information did not match the domain registration so I had to provide government issued identification for Dad and myself. Since… Read More »