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By | July 8, 2009

There is little to report, but like a presentation being better with PowerPoint, I decided to dress up this entry with some images to assist in my story.

Extreme Prize

I completed an online survery for Value Drug Mart and was quite intruiged by the prize they were offering me if my entry was selected.

Value Drug Mart Survey

I guess this could be an interesting prize.

Tube Steak Challenge

Canada Day marked our nations 142nd birthday, but it was the official end to my innagural Tube Steak Challenge. We celebrated this years holiday at work but enjoyed a BBQ for our troubles of working July 1. It was here that hot dog number 54 was consumed.

Of course when the Coney Island hot dog eating contest from July 4th has a record breaking 68 hot dogs eaten in ten minutes it puts my ‘1.03846’ hot dogs a week to shame.

Hot Dog Tube Steak Challenge 54

Still, I am proud of it all the same.

Months of Waiting

In March I lost everything to In addition to losing blog posts and photos my domain was held for ransom by 1and1. I had to wait for my registration of the domain to expire, then wait the month for the redemption period to run out. Following that I entered an auction to purchase the domain.

seagurs GoDaddy Transfer

After winning the auction I had to wait 60 days to move the domain over to GoDaddy, and now is rightfully mine.

One thought on “My Power Picture Post

  1. tracey

    You’ll have to try a Nathan’s tubesteak (or 5)while in Vegas. After two, I would think 68 would kill me. No, scratch that, I am SURE it would.

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