Monthly Archives: April 2006

My Driving Thoughts

My favorite part of Whitemud Drive is between 111th street and 119th street. The north and south side of the road is lined with bricks. When I was younger I found this such an amazing creation. Even now I can not imagine how much time (and bricks) that took to pull off.

Recently I noticed something else on Whitemud Drive, and in that same area. Before the 119st/122st exit on the south side of the road (east bound lane) there is a door in the fence. From what I can see the door can only be opened toward the opposite side of the fence.

Who has control of that door? Is there a house on the other side? Or possibly a medium sized box factory resides on that property? When you bought the land was the magical door a selling point? If the door is locked, who has the keys? Do the property owners and the City of Edmonton share a key?

I am not sure how I would go about doing it, but I would like to get on the opposite side of that fence just to say I did it.

In the last day I have seen two license plates that are very similar to mine. On 170th street I saw EWC-717, which was only ten off. And then in Millet I saw EWC-705. That is so close we could be siblings. I am guessing the -705 plate came from Millet Registries as that is where I got mine, but that -717 one is a mystery.

I have noticed a license plate trend in Sherwood Park actually. There is a disturbing amount of DAD- plates in the Park. Once you start looking for them that is all you see.

Also, in case you missed it, I updated my previous post with a song from the Franz Ferdinand set.

And lastly, a big shout out to Jenna who turns the big 24 today.