My Driving Thoughts

By | April 27, 2006

My favorite part of Whitemud Drive is between 111th street and 119th street. The north and south side of the road is lined with bricks. When I was younger I found this such an amazing creation. Even now I can not imagine how much time (and bricks) that took to pull off.

Recently I noticed something else on Whitemud Drive, and in that same area. Before the 119st/122st exit on the south side of the road (east bound lane) there is a door in the fence. From what I can see the door can only be opened toward the opposite side of the fence.

Who has control of that door? Is there a house on the other side? Or possibly a medium sized box factory resides on that property? When you bought the land was the magical door a selling point? If the door is locked, who has the keys? Do the property owners and the City of Edmonton share a key?

I am not sure how I would go about doing it, but I would like to get on the opposite side of that fence just to say I did it.

In the last day I have seen two license plates that are very similar to mine. On 170th street I saw EWC-717, which was only ten off. And then in Millet I saw EWC-705. That is so close we could be siblings. I am guessing the -705 plate came from Millet Registries as that is where I got mine, but that -717 one is a mystery.

I have noticed a license plate trend in Sherwood Park actually. There is a disturbing amount of DAD- plates in the Park. Once you start looking for them that is all you see.

Also, in case you missed it, I updated my previous post with a song from the Franz Ferdinand set.

And lastly, a big shout out to Jenna who turns the big 24 today.

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