My Two Left Feet

By | March 17, 2006

I am not sure if it is broken. It hurts like something should be broken but I still have movement. The leader of my right foot and General of his little piglets has been seriously hurt in battle.

Over the weekend in Fernie my toe would slam up against the inside of my boot every time I was skiing. After twelve hours of intense skiing the toe took quite a beating. It hurt a lot after the first day, but there was no immediate bruising. It has been seven days and while the rest of my body feels fine from the ski trip the pain in the toe remains.

Over the last 36 hours the toe color has really taken a turn for the worse. I could go to the hospital, have an x-ray done and be told it is broken, but what would I gain? There really is no treatment for broken toes. Rest, ice, elevation and avoid big metal doors. I tried to buddy tape the General with the next in command, the Colonel, but that did more harm than good.

So, for now I live with the pain, baby step around any toe-eating objects and hope for the best. After some exploitative surgery last night (hot pin through the toe nail) it was discovered that the blue color is bruising, and not blood; so for now I have to wait and let the body heal.

Bruised Toe

Bruised toes are nothing new to me. About seven months, possibly more, I gently ran my left foot into the corner of a door. It hurt right away but after a few hours the pain went away. I thought nothing of it until I inspected my toe the next morning and saw that it was turning black.

After all of this time the toe is finally starting to shed the blackness, but remains as a constant reminder for my door incident. For a while I thought the toe would always be black because it had been so long since Gursky v. Door occurred.

You have all been warned. The doors are here to stay and will do whatever it takes to leave their mark. Be careful!

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