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My Little Bird

Today has been one of those days where it clicked. Allow me to recap the last six hours of it.

White Stripes - Icky ThumpIn the afternoon the new song from The White Stripes Icky Thump was released to the airwaves and I was able to get my hand on a digital copy where I listened to it over and over again.

It took a few listens but I got into it and the return of guitars have be excited for this record.

As I got in my car Sonic started playing Icky Thump and I rolled the windows down and enjoyed a beautiful drive home with a fantastic song.

While waiting for an early release of Lost to finish download I checked a White Stripes message board for details on their Canadian tour and there were dates posted!

Obviously traveling to Yukon or Northwest Territories is not feasible but the local ones are. To see the whole tour click here. But the following is what I have in mind.

June 29, 2007
The Pengrowth Saddledome
Calgary, AB

June 30, 2007
Shaw Convention Center
Edmonton, AB

July 1, 2007
TCU Place
Saskatoon, SK

July 2, 2007
MTS Centre
Winnipeg, MB

Obviously I will be going Calgary and Edmonton, but Saskatoon and Winnipeg are tempting. If you are going to Saskatchewan, you might as well go to Manitoba, right?

I am filled with utter excitement. And in an hour Vancouver starts their series against Anaheim. I don’t care what they say Wednesday, you do rule!

My Prairie Prayer

Fat AssI have returned from Regina. Sixteen hours, a full belly and infinite family members is what was in store for me over the weekend.

I would like you to meet all twenty eight pounds of Fat Ass.

That is his name and even acknowledges it. He rolled in as a stray, found a steady supply of food and has not left since.

There were a lot of good moments from the trip but this stood out as the highlight.

I was laughing about Fat Ass hours after I met him. He was offered to me as a gift, plus a months supply of food, but I had to decline due to space restrictions in our vehicle.

The rest of the trip was good. Even the eight hour drive to Regina was manageable, mostly due to the fact that Steve did all of the driving. When we arrived in Regina there was a delicious supper laid out for us followed by fresh strawberries for dessert.

Our host, Grandma Benko, did everything on her own. By the time we woke up Saturday morning the 89-year old had made several jars of strawberry jam. Then for lunch she allowed us to have a go at her home-made pirogies.

I ate a lot over the weekend. I can say that this was my first 4-day stretch of not feeling hunger in months; and it was great. Even on a full stomach I still had Chinese buffet, that is the mental state I was in.

The wedding was really good and offered Jenna and I the inspiration we needed to resume our wedding planning. Check out in the upcoming days to get an update on what we have done and ideas we have had.

There was a lot of visiting as well. A majority of Jenna’s family (on both her Mother and Father’s side) live in the land of cheap real estate, Pilsner and Rider Pride and I feel like we met them all; even Grandma’s neighbor.

We are next on the marriage docket so I will be seeing them all again in the near future. Feel free to check out some of the selective images on my Project 365 page.

While I was away was launched successfully. Although when I returned to work on Tuesday I was only a little behind on the companies happenings but I have managed.

Hockey Night Tonight
Willie MitchellVancouver is in a very good position to wrap up their first round series against Dallas following their 2-1 victory last night.

While all broadcasting signs pointed to the game on CBC it was not to be found on the local network. Because of this I had to rely on the Internet for my updates.

While constantly refreshing (I realize does it better but I like going to I missed the highlight of the night.

Several minutes remained in the third and Vancouver was up by a goal. Dallas charged hard and looked to have a goal. Then Willie Mitchell stormed the net and swept the black disc away from fully crossing the goal line.

After a video review it was ruled no goal and Vancouver held onto the lead and walked away from Dallas with a Texas sweep. Vancouver can finish the series off tomorrow night and advance to the second round, in what Vancouver fans will tell you, feels like years.

My Eighteen Items
My 18 ItemsWhat is this? Two toes without a nail? On Thursday night I took it upon myself and forcefully removed the dying toe from my right foot. The right part of the toe was still attached but there was minimal blood. I am now on the healing process with two less toe nails.

Those who were expecting the same level of gore you have come to know and love in the past will be disappointed as my toe nails will no longer be a topic of discussion as the excitement is over. Stay tuned for what I can damage next though!