Monthly Archives: January 2011

My Switch From Shaw to Telus

By | January 22, 2011

If you looked at my contact history with Shaw over the last week they would think I was suffering from memory loss. I called to ask about cancellation policies, removed basic cable from my package, upgraded to Shaw High Speed Extreme and then called to schedule a service cancellation for my remaining products…all in the… Read More »

My Photobook Canada Review

By | January 19, 2011

In August 2010 I registered for Groupon. There were a few interesting deals that showed up in the weeks following my registration but in September a deal appeared for Photobook Canada. Incidentally that deal remains as my only purchase on Groupon since I registered six months ago. The coupon was for $35 purchase that got… Read More »

My Unplugged Cable

By | January 17, 2011

The recent news of Shaw enforcing their bandwidth caps have a lot of people upset, including me. I have been contemplating a life without cable television and relying solely on Netflix, streaming from the websites of the network and downloading shows for a few months now. This all meant that I would be consuming more… Read More »