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My Employment Switch

After six and a half years with one form of Statusfirm or another I have handed in my resignation and am awaiting to begin the next chapter in my career. Over the years a lot of employees have left, the dynamic of the company changed and slowly the joy of work was sucked out. A… Read More »

My First Month With Telus and Optik TV

It has been a month with Optik TV, High Speed and Telephone service from Telus and I’m still as happy as I was when everything was hooked up. The honeymoon phase is over now and so to begins my first month of paying for the services. Television We are becoming accustomed to having TV again.… Read More »

My Shaw Consumption

As far as Shaw and I are concerned, we’re done. I returned my phone modem, received my final invoice and will have a cheque coming to me for the extra amount I paid. However, before all of my access was taken away I had a chance to log into the new MyShaw portal and take… Read More »

My Experience With Telus and Optik TV

February 9th was my first day with Telus and here is a recap of my experience with Optik TV, Optik TV High Speed and Home Phone so far. Installation Two technicians arrived for the install within the scheduled window and spent 90 minutes running cables and setting everything up. The two TV’s I had hooked… Read More »

My Switch From Shaw to Telus

If you looked at my contact history with Shaw over the last week they would think I was suffering from memory loss. I called to ask about cancellation policies, removed basic cable from my package, upgraded to Shaw High Speed Extreme and then called to schedule a service cancellation for my remaining products…all in the… Read More »