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My Clean Nail

Time heals all wounds. Physically and mentally. If enough time passes you will be able to see the brighter side of life. As a warning, this is not going to be a philosophical post.

Back in March my big toe was banged up pretty bad. The nail bruised and for months I had a black toe. In June the nail was removed and I began the process of growing a new toe.

My Clean Nail

This weekend was another milestone on my road to recovery. I have removed the final piece of bad nail from my toe. This nail was rougher and a little thicker than usual.

It started to grow in under the dying toe and had the exterior of a warrior.

With it now removed my toe looks normal, and just in time for the foot to go back in the boot.

My Day Six

Day Six Begins

When it happened, the news spread fast and hard. Season six of 24 is starting January 14 with a two hour premiere followed by another two hours the next night, but for those who are resourceful the premiere started this weekend.

Fox announced that the first four episodes were to be released on DVD the day after the second two hour premiere ended.

Some who received the DVD set early did the honorable thing and started sharing it out over the Internet.

Not one to wait another week I jumped on the torrent for the first four episodes and was able to enjoy the first two episodes a week early. It has been a long time since I watched 24 and it feels great to have Jack and the gang at CTU back.

The first two episodes were fantastic and I have read the next two do not disappoint either.


We’re running out of time!