Monthly Archives: March 2009

My Hangup on Hardcovers

By | March 31, 2009

In the last week I have read The Watchmen and The Time Traveler’s Wife. While reading these books it dawned on me why don’t I think about reading digital books? It makes sense, everything else around me has converted from a physical copy of something to its digital cousin, so books would be a logical… Read More »

My Closing Shift

By | March 28, 2009

My week of night shifts comes to a close this evening…or rather early Sunday morning. It has been anything but easy, there have been nights where I got between two and four hours of sleep. The two nights I was able to get six hours of sleep felt amazing. The downside to all of this… Read More »

My Night Watch List

By | March 26, 2009

For the last few days I have been working night shifts to cover a CurlTV broadcast from Korea. This is the second event I have switched my schedule around for, not that it makes it any easier. However, night shifts have some good to them, see what gets me through the long days… Benefits: You… Read More »

My Hot Dog Redemption

By | March 24, 2009

What may have troubled me the most since losing my data to 1and1 last week is the status of my Tube Steak Challenge. The posts documenting my adventure may eventually return but I had such a wonderful source image to keep track of my progress that after a few minutes of searching on Google Images,… Read More »

My Hull Breach

By | March 23, 2009

I have had several days, two complete viewings and a few hours of discussions among others but the hole left by Galactica is still pretty painful. I still find myself thinking about the finale, the story, the music used and what it all means an awful lot. Fortunately I am not the only one still… Read More »

My Broken Pieces

By | March 18, 2009

The last 24 hours have been pretty busy around these parts as I put together the pieces. I have taken this ‘fresh start’ opportunity to separate the blog and gallery onto their own sub domains, something I have thought about doing for a while. Keith started a mission to retrieve my previously lost blog posts… Read More »

My New Beginning

By | March 17, 2009

I was going to write one of two posts. This is the one I didn’t plan out, nor ever want to write. Three and a half years of seagurs blogs, photo gallery updates, hosted audio files have all been deleted. Everything that the Internet knew of me was erased. I have no one to blame… Read More »