My Closing Shift

By | March 28, 2009

My week of night shifts comes to a close this evening…or rather early Sunday morning.

It has been anything but easy, there have been nights where I got between two and four hours of sleep. The two nights I was able to get six hours of sleep felt amazing. The downside to all of this is that I have been spending a lot of time by myself. Such quiet time has lead me to penguin hunt around the office the last time I worked nights so it does take its tole.

However this stretch has had less interaction with people and I kind of forget that there are others that work here. It can happen quite easily when you are alone for so long…you begin to imagine things.

I have to be honest, between 2AM and 4AM is my most productive time. I don’t take care of business, I own business. I speak with clients, plan out a new module for CORE, do some coding and put in an honest days effort.

Sean Clones

The action isn’t limited to there, I even get work done at my desk. In between providing support for the curling game I look over some stats, have a little chat with myself and do some recreational reading.

Sean Clones (Thumb)

Lunch gets a little tight on space but we all make room. Sometimes we will share items with each other, others will just sit in silence with their head in their hands but we all get on.

Sean Clones (Lunch Thumb)

The frightening thing is that when I return home I am still in work mode, and even kicking back to relax has more of the same!

Sean Clones (Thumb)

As obvious as it may be, I am looking forward to returning to a normal work schedule and interacting with real people at the office.

5 thoughts on “My Closing Shift

  1. Jeff

    Those pictures are awesome, Sean. Also what are you doing in my desk, Sean?

  2. Sean Post author

    Do you want the truth or what I ‘imagined’ what I was doing? The whole thing is a sham anyway, the phones aren’t even hooked up yet…it’s a wonder you guys will ever get any work done there.

  3. Gordon

    Yeah. Absolute brilliance. Nice to see you found a way to keep yourself busy!

  4. Keith

    Is the Sean sitting at my desk on the phone with the Sean sitting at Ryan’s desk?

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