My Night Watch List

By | March 26, 2009

For the last few days I have been working night shifts to cover a CurlTV broadcast from Korea. This is the second event I have switched my schedule around for, not that it makes it any easier. However, night shifts have some good to them, see what gets me through the long days…


  1. You know that at any given moment all bathrooms are unoccupied
  2. The volume of music does not affect anyone but you
  3. You can have breakfast twice a day
  4. You can consume meals in opposite order, ending your day on the most important meal
  5. Dress code is not enforced, when people see you they expect you to be a little frayed
  6. You can have beer when you wake up (as it is the afternoon) and a beer after work without it sounding too bad
  7. The lineups at Tim Hortons are minimal
  8. You can drive home into the sunset, which is more poetic than riding with the sunrise


  1. You still have to drive with a rush hour, even if the morning one is the equivalent of a busy Saturday
  2. You cannot refer to Thursday evening the same way anymore as that is your Friday morning
  3. Dates and times get confusing, but people won’t question your logic (ie: see previous point)
  4. Sleep is your enemy and friend all in one tired state
  5. You check your email less and easily drop out of touch with what is happening when you are sleeping

With that said night shifts do not work for me. I have always had problems sleeping in, and when the only sleep I get through the day is by sleeping in I routinely get three to four hours of sleep a night; a far cry from the eight hours I was getting a night last week.

One thought on “My Night Watch List

  1. Gordon

    I remember working nights at Telus. Unlike you, I had the benefit of working them near the winter solstice, so I was still going to and from work in the dark. I could barely tell the difference, aside from the call volume.

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