My Hot Dog Redemption

By | March 24, 2009

What may have troubled me the most since losing my data to 1and1 last week is the status of my Tube Steak Challenge. The posts documenting my adventure may eventually return but I had such a wonderful source image to keep track of my progress that after a few minutes of searching on Google Images, Flickr and iStockPhoto I have been unable to find it.

Tube Steak Challenge - Old seagurs.comGoing through the depths of Google Images I did find a few seagurs references to my Tube Steak Challenge, and one of them says I was at 38. I don’t know what date that was or how many I have had since then, so until I get that sorted out I shall keep track of the number of dogs since the purge: x + 3

Where x is the number of hot dogs I consumed prior to the purge for my Tube Steak Challenge.

Tube Steak Challenge - X+3

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