My Hull Breach

By | March 23, 2009

I have had several days, two complete viewings and a few hours of discussions among others but the hole left by Galactica is still pretty painful.

BSG Baltar Six Kobol Opera House

I still find myself thinking about the finale, the story, the music used and what it all means an awful lot. Fortunately I am not the only one still reeling from the finale. You could say that following the finale I didn’t sleep for over twenty four hours. It is an unrelated point but it’s still valid.

Battlestar Galactica - The Office - IdiotFor something I love so much I don’t think I could ever give it’s final chapter a proper review, but my initial feeling was that I loved it. Going into the finale I wanted answers on Starbuck, the meaning of the Opera House and insight into the Head characters. I did not bat a perfect thousand but what I got was good. To my surprise there were some other character redemptions along the way that further added to my enjoyment.

It was a solid send off that gave the fans beautiful visual displays as the remaining CGI budget was spent, some ambiguity left for debate, a few issues that could spur arguments among fans and some thoroughly touching moments between seasoned characters.

I am not sure what my perfect finale would have been. I have come to expect the most grim and dire from this show and I anticipated a lot of death. However to do that would have been very dark, even for a show that killed off almost all of the human race at the very beginning.

BSG Last Supper

I am currently in the process of watching the series again for a third time and what happened in the finale has directly impacted several of the episodes I have seen, even as far back as season two. I may have issues about how certain topics were dealt with but if a show can change the light I view past episodes, characters or decisions in then it successfully did its job.

I hope to never forget the moment the end credits rolled for the final time on the show. I put my head in my hands and asked Gord to give me a minute. Like watching a really good live performance you close your eyes to remember everything and hold onto that feeling of what it was like when you watched Battlestar Galactica on Friday evenings.

BSG Daybreak end credits

There must be some kind of way out of here…

2 thoughts on “My Hull Breach

  1. Gordon

    I put my head in my hands and asked Gord to give me a minute… before he did his typical cunt thing, and picked it all apart. What a stupid hater. Can’t he just love anything?”

  2. Sean Post author

    I can’t help but laugh because a part of me believes that is true.

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