Monthly Archives: December 2005

My Everest

By | December 31, 2005

Last January 31st I was asked “What was I most proud of in 2004?”. Last year the answer was simple, I said that getting my degree with honors topped the list. But this year, I don’t have a quick and easy answer. I have had a good year but nothing really jumps out. Getting promoted… Read More »

My Sickness Grows

By | December 30, 2005

Last week I bought the retail copy of Lost: Season One. I enjoyed it and wanted to experience the episodes again, so I felt it was a good purchase. As the last month of my life has been consumed by this show my day to day conversations with Jenna were going on about Oceanic Flight… Read More »

My Busy Life

By | December 29, 2005

It’s not that I have been neglecting you dear Internet, it’s just that I have little to report. Because the show must go on, let’s do another famous multi-day recap. I finished my four day holiday playing video games (NHL 2005 for PC to be precise), watching U2″s concert in Chicago on DVD (cranked quite… Read More »

My Sleeping Change

By | December 27, 2005

For as long as I can remember, I have slept with three or more pillows on my home bed. Two of the pillows were primary, but the additional ones were just for backup. Sometimes I would sleep on them, other times they would get neglected. I am deciding to make a major life change and… Read More »

My Boxing Day

By | December 26, 2005

From work I have a few days off so I am using the time wisely to rest up after last week. Fortunately I have another stretch of days off in January that will allow me to finish off what I couldn’t do this week. Of course all that really means I will play more video… Read More »

My Week of Shame

By | December 23, 2005

It has been a pretty wild week. Simply put, I am wearing the same clothes I did when I made my last post’four days ago. I planned on being gone for one night, but that turned into three. After celebrating the Tuesday with Gord, I spent Wednesday with Jenna and worked Thursday. Later that evening… Read More »

My Field Trip

By | December 20, 2005

Last night Jonathan and I went on an adventure that lead us to a gentleman’s club called Diamonds. I learned a few things on this field trip that I would like to share with you as well. There are fifty girls that work at Diamonds, but rotate days worked. So, for instance, last night had… Read More »

My Dinner Idea

By | December 18, 2005

It’s Christmas so turkey will be a plenty for the next few weeks. I was wondering what sort of damage are we causing ourselves by eating turkey followed by coffee and sweet snacks? Here’s what I am getting at. Turkey has Tryptophan which is notorious for putting you to sleep. And just as you’re feeling… Read More »