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My Everest

Last January 31st I was asked “What was I most proud of in 2004?”. Last year the answer was simple, I said that getting my degree with honors topped the list. But this year, I don’t have a quick and easy answer.

I have had a good year but nothing really jumps out. Getting promoted at Dell, vacation to Vancouver with Jenna, my year of concerts, buying two cars (Porsche and Jetta), leaving Dell for my current job’I just don’t know. There isn’t anything that I could frame, hang on a wall and say “that was my 2005 – it was amazing”. Think about it, what would you say your personal best in 2005 was? Is it an easy answer or is it difficult to choose?

Did I have such a great year that I can’t pick a favorite, or maybe I didn’t accomplish anything I could be proud of? It’s a little disheartening to not have an immediate high point in your year and still be happy with where you are at in life.

To lighten the mood from this existentialism train of thought I did a Google Image Search for “personal highlight 2005” and found this gem. Hope your 2006 has a great start!

2005 Highlight

My Sickness Grows

Last week I bought the retail copy of Lost: Season One. I enjoyed it and wanted to experience the episodes again, so I felt it was a good purchase. As the last month of my life has been consumed by this show my day to day conversations with Jenna were going on about Oceanic Flight 815, so I gave her the set to become experienced and learn about my disease. Today marks the first full week she has had the set and she has finished it off.

As Gord did with me a few weeks back, I am passing along Season Two so more mysteries can be revealed about those on the island. Fortunately for her, by the time she gets caught up to the most recent episde (What Kate Did) the show will return from it’s mid-season break and she will join the rest of us as we wait for new episodes each week.


I had a question’does cat litter come from a special cat litter factory? Or is it just a side product of those who make fancy gravel or sell landscaping rock? If you worked at a cat litter factory, would you brag about it? Would you and your cat litter buddies play a corporate softball game against the squares in the box factory every July long weekend? Perhaps you make friends with the sawdust crew but not the sea salt gang? Or maybe your life is so much better working at a cat factory that you are the owner of your very own major league team?

P.S.: “for those who understand my Lost sickness, check the timestamp of this message ;).

My Busy Life

It’s not that I have been neglecting you dear Internet, it’s just that I have little to report. Because the show must go on, let’s do another famous multi-day recap. I finished my four day holiday playing video games (NHL 2005 for PC to be precise), watching U2″s concert in Chicago on DVD (cranked quite loud) as well as Brother’s Grimm. I have started reading Diary by Chuck Palahniuk and will then move onto Invisible Monsters before getting back to my Grisham and Crichton stash.

I worked today and here I am. I work for a few more days and then have four off and return fully refreshed in the new year. Nothing exciting has gone on in the last little bit. There have been no revelations or wild thoughts.

Aaron and I are finishing up the plans for our ski trip to Banff next week. We’ll spend two nights at Inns of Banff, ski Sunshine and possibly ski it again the next day. We will relax at the hot springs and do some ice hiking before we head home on Wednesday. It should be a grand trip, I wanted to spend more time in the mountains this season and this trip is getting that plan off to a good start. It will also offer me a chance to fully test the Jetta’s fuel consumption.

Millet to Banff

My Sleeping Change

For as long as I can remember, I have slept with three or more pillows on my home bed. Two of the pillows were primary, but the additional ones were just for backup. Sometimes I would sleep on them, other times they would get neglected. I am deciding to make a major life change and remove one pillow and go back to a two pillow formation. Last night felt great, I will see how tonight goes. I fear that this will be a great change until the time arrives that I need that third pillow and my sleep won’t be complete without it. Stay tuned for more critical and exciting updates!

My Boxing Day

From work I have a few days off so I am using the time wisely to rest up after last week. Fortunately I have another stretch of days off in January that will allow me to finish off what I couldn’t do this week. Of course all that really means I will play more video games, watch more movies and start 2006 much the way 2005 ended.

I hope you all had a good Christmas, or whatever you celebrated. It was a pretty hectic day as we had lunch with Grandparents in Ponoka and then to Sherwood Park to have dinner with Jenna’s family. I was pretty fortunate in the gift department this year, but I think redundancy is the word of the day as I received three U2 // Vertigo DVD’s, two Chuck Palahniuk’s Diary as well as three slippers. I am taking back the extra DVD’s and book’s tomorrow, but as for the slippers, I am keeping them!

I figure the day after Boxing Day should be good enough to venture into the malls and exchange gifts. A few days back I bought the DVD set of Lost. I have already seen season one, but I enjoyed it that much I was willing to pay for it. Now the set is with Jenna who will hopefully get the same addiction that I have. Anyway, take care Internet.