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My Day Off

I had plans, like so many plans. It was going to be productive today and take care of business. Play guitar, reformat computers, read a book and watch Spinal Tap. It would have been a grand day off, except, something happened.

Last night Jenna and I had a movie date along with Kelly and Gord, hosted in his basement. The movie was a favorite of the three, but it was in my honor that we watched Moulin Rouge (which was quite entertaining) but shortly after the movie the discussion turned to Lost. I haven’t seen a single episode of this but everyone who has seen it, loves it. So Gord hooked me up with the first twelve episodes. Just for me to get a taste. Just a small taste to get a feel for it. Perhaps watch the first twelve slowly. Take your time Sean, pace yourself and enjoy the ride.

I thought What could it hurt? if I started on the first few episodes without Jenna. Twelve hours later and I have watched eleven episodes. That is nearly eight hours of Lost time and I’m thirsty for more. I did watch Spinal Tap, only because I wanted to check one thing off my list for the day. Gord even joined me on IM for episode four, Walkabout, to chat and get my reactions to things. He came online again later, and I was still at it.

I have one episode left on the disc and then I’m out of my stash. Just like a good dealer, Gord will have me coming back for more as I need to know what happens next. It’s like a drug. Yes, this is my TV IV and it’s running wide open to help my fix.

Update: It’s Thursday morning’and I just finished the last episode on the DVD”

Lost - My Drug

Shameless Plug

CurlTV is taking over the airwaves. CurlTV is the brain child of my work, Statusfirm (the new Statusfirm site should be up within a week or so) and have spent most of my time working on CurlTV related tasks. With former CTV news guru Peter Akman (or as he is affectionately known: Pakman) taking controls of the program tune in to Sportsnet and see what this on demand Internet sports channel is all about.

Did I do anything for this TV show or the website? Short answer: No. Long and technical answer: Yes, but nothing you would be able to see anyway. You only know that my role exists when there is a problem. Say you’re unable to view a video, in a few weeks time that will be my sole responsibility. When the live scores are updated for the broadcasted game, I created the update pages’so, I guess back to the short answer: No. But I am still going to promote all of this craziness. Check it out and tell your friends you saw me on the teevee’or probably not, but maybe

CurlTV Sportsnet Schedule

Update This!

As you may have noticed the amount of posting on here has dropped a fair bit in the last few days. Let’s recap that then. On Tuesday I was unable to be intoxicated before the sunset, because the sun decided to make a run for the horizon earlier than expected, I mean it was dark at 5:30PM! So I was a few hours behind schedule but I like to think I was close enough. To make up for it I was awake before sunrise on Wednesday morning to drive Gord into work.

Poor guy, he has to work after a night of drinking and running on little sleep. It was worth it as it was a great time with Gord, we drank, ate pizza and played Star Wars: BF2 on XBOX Live for a few hours and it was such an awesome game. I pretty much enjoy any Star Wars game and once I got the controls figured out on this one I was able to fend for myself. Being able to whoop ass with Vader, Emperor and Obi-Wan made it so much better. Gord enjoyed his time as Emperor when he unleashed his own version of Hell with his Force Lightning. Hey, did this post get really geeky all of a sudden? I think so, let’s change gears then.

The Jetta also arrived in town as well. I picked it up on Wednesday and each time I get behind the wheel I love it a little bit more as I find a few more neat things about it. What good is my description if you can’t see the car? Well have a gander below and click on them for the larger images. I have enjoyed the thrill of having my seat heated while I drive to work. Now that is luxury!

Jetta ThumbJetta ThumbJetta ThumbJetta ThumbJetta Thumb

Tie One On

In an effort to maintain Internet harmony, I am hanging with Gord tonight. We will sit around a table in a dark smoke-filled room and discuss world politics, the economy and the price of tea in Guatemala. By sitting down together we will ensure that the Internet will survive a few more days thanks to our efforts.

In reality we’re going to eat poorly and drink. It will start off with my first trip to Garage Burger Bar, and then we will take our mighty team of two to Sherwood Park and try to be intoxicated before the sun dips below the horizon. Little Caesers and their $5 hot “n readies will fuel our hunger and we will kick it old school with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle emulator on Gord’s pimped out XBOX. It’s a Tuesday, and for no better reason than it being a Tuesday we’re going to paint the town blue or maybe even yellow.

We also need some time to prepare for Boys Night “05, because it’s been eleven months since the last time we have done this we may be a little rusty so this is kind of like our Olympic Trials for next month’s big event.

Boys Night - 2004