Monthly Archives: November 2005

My Day Off

By | November 30, 2005

I had plans, like so many plans. It was going to be productive today and take care of business. Play guitar, reformat computers, read a book and watch Spinal Tap. It would have been a grand day off, except, something happened. Last night Jenna and I had a movie date along with Kelly and Gord,… Read More »

Shameless Plug

By | November 26, 2005

CurlTV is taking over the airwaves. CurlTV is the brain child of my work, Statusfirm (the new Statusfirm site should be up within a week or so) and have spent most of my time working on CurlTV related tasks. With former CTV news guru Peter Akman (or as he is affectionately known: Pakman) taking controls… Read More »

Update This!

By | November 25, 2005

As you may have noticed the amount of posting on here has dropped a fair bit in the last few days. Let’s recap that then. On Tuesday I was unable to be intoxicated before the sunset, because the sun decided to make a run for the horizon earlier than expected, I mean it was dark… Read More »

Tie One On

By | November 22, 2005

In an effort to maintain Internet harmony, I am hanging with Gord tonight. We will sit around a table in a dark smoke-filled room and discuss world politics, the economy and the price of tea in Guatemala. By sitting down together we will ensure that the Internet will survive a few more days thanks to… Read More »

Best Meal of My Life

By | November 20, 2005

Last night to celebrate our third year anniversary I took Jenna out to Lux Steakhouse and without a doubt it was the best meal of my life. I have eaten a lot of good food in my day but last night was epic. In a no holds barred feast I enjoyed a 9 oz. $30… Read More »

My Problems With Public Transportation

By | November 18, 2005

In my last post I mentioned I have had a few mis-adventures using public transportation. My concern (or fear if you will) started when Mother and I went to Montreal back when I was in Junior High School. Our plan was to go to the Museum of Civilization from our hotel via the buses. I… Read More »

Harry Anniversary

By | November 18, 2005

Today is the 18th. For most people it means that the most recent installment of the Harry Potter movies is released. November 18th is a pretty special day, a few interesting things went down on this day in history. In 1307 William Tell shot an apple off of his son?s head. Ontario passed a law… Read More »