My Day Off

By | November 30, 2005

I had plans, like so many plans. It was going to be productive today and take care of business. Play guitar, reformat computers, read a book and watch Spinal Tap. It would have been a grand day off, except, something happened.

Last night Jenna and I had a movie date along with Kelly and Gord, hosted in his basement. The movie was a favorite of the three, but it was in my honor that we watched Moulin Rouge (which was quite entertaining) but shortly after the movie the discussion turned to Lost. I haven’t seen a single episode of this but everyone who has seen it, loves it. So Gord hooked me up with the first twelve episodes. Just for me to get a taste. Just a small taste to get a feel for it. Perhaps watch the first twelve slowly. Take your time Sean, pace yourself and enjoy the ride.

I thought What could it hurt? if I started on the first few episodes without Jenna. Twelve hours later and I have watched eleven episodes. That is nearly eight hours of Lost time and I’m thirsty for more. I did watch Spinal Tap, only because I wanted to check one thing off my list for the day. Gord even joined me on IM for episode four, Walkabout, to chat and get my reactions to things. He came online again later, and I was still at it.

I have one episode left on the disc and then I’m out of my stash. Just like a good dealer, Gord will have me coming back for more as I need to know what happens next. It’s like a drug. Yes, this is my TV IV and it’s running wide open to help my fix.

Update: It’s Thursday morning’and I just finished the last episode on the DVD”

Lost - My Drug

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