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By | November 26, 2005

CurlTV is taking over the airwaves. CurlTV is the brain child of my work, Statusfirm (the new Statusfirm site should be up within a week or so) and have spent most of my time working on CurlTV related tasks. With former CTV news guru Peter Akman (or as he is affectionately known: Pakman) taking controls of the program tune in to Sportsnet and see what this on demand Internet sports channel is all about.

Did I do anything for this TV show or the website? Short answer: No. Long and technical answer: Yes, but nothing you would be able to see anyway. You only know that my role exists when there is a problem. Say you’re unable to view a video, in a few weeks time that will be my sole responsibility. When the live scores are updated for the broadcasted game, I created the update pages’so, I guess back to the short answer: No. But I am still going to promote all of this craziness. Check it out and tell your friends you saw me on the teevee’or probably not, but maybe

CurlTV Sportsnet Schedule

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