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By | November 25, 2005

As you may have noticed the amount of posting on here has dropped a fair bit in the last few days. Let’s recap that then. On Tuesday I was unable to be intoxicated before the sunset, because the sun decided to make a run for the horizon earlier than expected, I mean it was dark at 5:30PM! So I was a few hours behind schedule but I like to think I was close enough. To make up for it I was awake before sunrise on Wednesday morning to drive Gord into work.

Poor guy, he has to work after a night of drinking and running on little sleep. It was worth it as it was a great time with Gord, we drank, ate pizza and played Star Wars: BF2 on XBOX Live for a few hours and it was such an awesome game. I pretty much enjoy any Star Wars game and once I got the controls figured out on this one I was able to fend for myself. Being able to whoop ass with Vader, Emperor and Obi-Wan made it so much better. Gord enjoyed his time as Emperor when he unleashed his own version of Hell with his Force Lightning. Hey, did this post get really geeky all of a sudden? I think so, let’s change gears then.

The Jetta also arrived in town as well. I picked it up on Wednesday and each time I get behind the wheel I love it a little bit more as I find a few more neat things about it. What good is my description if you can’t see the car? Well have a gander below and click on them for the larger images. I have enjoyed the thrill of having my seat heated while I drive to work. Now that is luxury!

Jetta ThumbJetta ThumbJetta ThumbJetta ThumbJetta Thumb

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