Monthly Archives: August 2008

My So Serious

Joker in The Dark KnightIn the last week I have seen The Dark Knight twice and listened to the soundtrack ten times. It has been full of Batman saturation and I love it. I can’t add to what has already been said about this movie but I feel that I wouldn’t be utilizing this platform if I did not talk about such a fantastic film.

I enjoyed the movie so much during my first viewing I was among others in attendance that clapped when it concluded. I have never clapped at a movie before, but this one deserved it. This was truly a unique movie and stands out as my favorite for the last several years. It is dark, mature and has a very full story at two and a half hours.

It is not a predictable movie and the portrayal of The Joker really is outstanding. It wasn’t until my second viewing that I was able to relax to the back of my seat and take in all the performances and subtleties of the actors and really appreciate the script.

For the last few weeks a lot of conversations at work have been prefaced with “Have you seen Batman yet?”, it is almost like that replaced “Hello”. People just want to talk about it and for good reason. This is more than your average summer blockbuster movie, it is a standout movie and has added credibility to Nolan’s work of re-imaging the Batman series.