Harry Anniversary

By | November 18, 2005

Today is the 18th. For most people it means that the most recent installment of the Harry Potter movies is released. November 18th is a pretty special day, a few interesting things went down on this day in history. In 1307 William Tell shot an apple off of his son?s head. Ontario passed a law making seatbelts mandatory and lowered the speed limit to conserve energy?that was thirty years ago and oddly enough I don?t think either are followed that closely these days. And in 1883 standard time zones were established by railroads in US and Canada.

Interestingly enough, there is some Harry Potter history tied in with 11/18. Did you know that it was 18 years ago that 31 people died at the King?s Cross station because of a fire? No mention on which platform it was, but I think 9 3/4 survived. Of course there is one bit of trivia you won?t find online about November 18th, it marks the day that Jenna and I went on our first date.

We were setup by a mutual friend (I went to High School with Nora, and Jenna was in Nursing with her at the U of A), and around the end of October we started talking over email and eventually progressed to phone calls. After a few more phone calls the date was set where we would actually meet, because up until then we hadn?t seen what the other looked like.

After a bus incident (I am still uncertain of buses in Edmonton and Montreal, more on that another day) and walking by each other once we had some hot chocolate on campus and then walked to Emily Murphy Park where we got to know each other more. We became acquainted with the couches in Education and the taste of campus food from Wendy?s. After a few more transit experiences and exploring of the campus hallways in the evening we were a couple. Fast forward three years later and what started out as a quasi-blind date is going better than I could have imagined.

So, this is for you dear – thanks for the laughter, the great memories and being my best friend. Love ya!

Jenna and Sean

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